Saturday, October 27, 2007

Begining A Daily Practice

Many of us start with celebrating our faith on the Sabbats, or High Holy Days, but there are 365 days in a year and therefore, we have 365 opportunities to strengthen and celebrate our connection to our spirituality.

But, many are overwhelmed with what they can do that is simple and relatively quick to honor the Gods and take a moment for ourselves on a daily basis. The trick is to not get complicated.

Think of it this way...

  • Everyday the sun rises. This allows for life to thive. We can not exist without the sun. Therefore we should give thanks for the nurturing feeding energy given by our Star.
  • Everyday the moon is revealed. The moon is a cycle. Women are ruled by their own cycles. Therefore, we can utilize the different phases of the moon and our own cycle to celebrate womanhood as a physical representation of the Goddess.
  • Everyday we eat. We take that which the Earth sacrificed for our existance into ourselves. This could not be done without the Goddess.
  • We should also take a moment each day to list the things we are thankful for....our families, our health ect. This can also be a time of asking for assistance in a daily problem. This will decrease your daily stresses as you are asking for assistance prior to a problem becoming something huge.

These are excellent ways of instituting a daily practice...Over the next week, I will be giving examples of how to use these as a means of implimenting a daily practice.

What do I do for a daily practice?

  • Every morning I thank the Goddess for another day in this existance. I acknowledge there will come a morning in which my existance will change. I'm thankful for each day She has given me to be with my boys and to live.
  • At every meal I pray giving thanks to the Earth and the Goddess. My boys also love to do this. I gorund and center, feeling the connection to deity. Then say something like, "I thank you Goddess for this meal, May it fill me that I might feel, strong and whole the day through, that I may be in service of You. Blessed Be."
  • When I shower I visualize negativity sloughing off, just as I would before ritual. I say something like, "By my heart and hands and mind, By all that's holy, true and strong, I am cleansed to pure. May both my hands do good works to honor the Gods, My feet walk the honored path, My mind stay clear and sharp, and my Heart free from negativity. As I will so mote it be!" **I'll often add an addition of a situation in which I might feel negativity in that day, like My heart shall be light and full fo love while my mind communicates my desires in my staff meeting today...etc.
  • Before bed each night I'll hold my talismen (an agate pendant) and again ground and center. Then I'll speak to the Goddess. Thanking her for the continued health and safety of my children. I'll ask for assistance in a problem. But over all I'm communicating my joy in my connection to deity, and thanking Her for her influence in my life.

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