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Exploration of Today: Animism

Animal and humans have interacted since we evolved. Many people feel a deep affection for certain types of animals and yet can be repulsed by others. Animism is the belief that all things carry a life energy - all things means ALL THINGS: rock, plants, animals, etc. Animism further separates life energy into separate spheres, each grouping able to communicate & relate to all those within its own shpere. For instance - all plant life would be classed together - so a blade of grass could communicate with a tree or a leaf, etc. Humans - some believe due to the level of cognizance - can learn to communicate with ALL living energies. So, someone could communicate with crystals, plants, animals, what have you. As a physicist I've always viewed things in terms of its life force energy. A human and animals having similar energies - snce humans are essentially an animal. Planets and stars have the highest life force energy, etc. Something that has a similar energy is much easier to communicate with than something of lesser energy. It is easiest to relate to an energy that is great - which is why most witches have an easy time of connecting to the Earth, Moon, Sun and other planets. The planets are litterally pushing their energy at you. Native Americans and Witches alike, believe that all energies are interwoven - nothing exists alone, much like a spider web. Therefore, the
contentment and success of one species is dependant on several others. (We as hyumans couln't survive without animals and plants.) Witches throughout time have used a fetish (an object fashioned of feathers, skins an bones) to honor our annimal bretheren and in an effort to bringe the gap bethween them. It was believed, according to Silver Ravenwolf's Solitary Witch, thatthe fetish put you in sympathy with the animal energy. Sympathy in the occult meant "making a connection" or "using items of like mind".

What is a TOTEM?
Accorcing to Silver Ravenwolf, Animals are always in the brain-wave known as alpha - the psychic state. This is why htey can sense when you are unhappy, can know when you are on your way home, or even see ghosts. Mny tribes in Scotland and Ireland claimed to have been descended from the animals they revered. They carried representations of the favored animal - called a TOTEM ANIMAL.

Totem energy is beleived to help us bridge the gap between the physical and spiritual realms. Many deities have an animal association as well as many of the quarters of the moon also have animal representations.

So when I'm describing what is a TOTEM to new seekers i nthe craft - I tell them it is a conection to an animal group in general. You can change totems - like deities, where you call upon one in specific depending on the desire of your ritual/spell - but many of us have a primary Totem, an animal group that we feel a deep spiritual connection to. One of my first Astral Projections was running with a wolf pack. I could feel the fur along my body, I had an enhanced sense of smell, etc. It was wild.

Using a Totem?
Your Personal Totem: Essentially you can carry a representation of your personal totem on a charm or talisman. At any time you can ground and center and draw on the energy of your personal totem. A personal connection means you do not need a representation to connect - a piece of your sould is already connected to the energy, you just have to draw on that connection. Spirit will show you your personal Totem - you just have to see. But this animal will be as drawn to you as you are to it. I saw representations of bears & wolves everywhere, even in my dreams. For a general totem: When performing a specific ritual / spell in which you would like to draw on the animals energy for more power, bring a representation of that animal to your altar. Touching the representation and focusing will allow you to draw forth the energy through the picture or statue.

What is a Familiar?
When I'm trying to explain the difference between a Totem and a Familiar I often say the totem is a connection to a type of animal - dog, cat, wolf, unicorn, etc. - and a familiar is a connection to 1 animal in specific. For instance, I don't have a strong connection to cats in general, but my cat - Declan - was my familiar for many years. So you could say that a familiar is a specific personality that compliments your own. So, they still have their totem energy (since all living things do) but you can tap into their personal energy to help you peace and energy.

How do you connect and use your familiar?
Setting up a connection with your familiar is probably both more simple than you think and more complicated. Many of us invest a special part of our hearts for our pets. Therefore, we transfer some of our personal energy, our aura if you will, between the pet and yourself. This is why when we are upset petting and cuddling with our chosen pet can have a calming effect - your pet gives you some of their energy to soothe. So, to officially set up a connection with a familiar - Cast the circle, call the quarters and invoke deity. Sitting in the center of the circle, holding your chosen, close your eyes to center and ground. Taking deep even breaths, find the rhythm deep within yourself that is a pool of calm. Hold one palm in your lap. Feel the energy - YOUR energy pulsing in your palm. Your other hand should be on your chosen. Feel the energy pulsing from your pet. Bring your energy hand over to your pet. Visualize transfering a little bit of your energy into your pet with your energy hand, while you also visualize absorbing a tiny bit of your pets energy with your other hand. You are setting up a circuit - you giving energy and receiving energy from your chosen. This is a special moment - so you may want to say a few words. Slowly bring your palms together - palm to palm to seal the energy within yourself. Thank deity, quarters and close circle.

Now each time you are attempting to draw large pools of energy to connect to Spirit or perform a ritual/spell, you need only touch your Familiar to be imbued with a feeling of connection nand peace. NOTE: You cannot force the connection - your pet must willingly share their essence with you or it won't be effective.

List of Animals & Their Associations
Aardvark: Finding hidden things
Alligator: Initiation; power; patience; basic earth energy; retaining money
Apes: Communication; group government
Armadillo: Persoanl protection; Empathy
Badger: Courage; bold self-expression
Barracuda: Self-reliance
Bat: Intuition; initiation; revealing secrets; transition
Bear: Healing; medical diagnosis; strength
Bee: Community; clan; work; industry; organization
Blackbird: Enchantment; between-the-worlds
Black Widow Spider: Weaving a new fate
Boar: Strength; family protection; warrior spirit; leadership
Bobcat: Solitary magick; psychic warning; secrets
Bull: Wealth; creativity; expanding opportunities
Butterfly: Transformation; artistic; dance
Camel: Surviving hard times
Cat: Magick; mystery; independence; psychic warning; grace
Centaur: Healing, shape-shifting; music; divination; teaching
Chameleon: Changing environment; camouflage
Cheetah: Speed; flexibility
Chinese Lion Dog (Fu-Dog): Guardians against evil; home protection
Chipmunk: Finding treasure; working for the future
Cicada: Happiness; joy
Clam: Closing ranks for protection
Cobra: Swift; decisive action
Copperhead: Aggressive healing; psychism
Cougar: Power; agility
Crab: Good luck; protection; success
Cricket: Luck; faith; intuition
Crocodile: Primal strength; creation; patience; Great Mother; Balance
Daddy Long Legs: Invisibility
Deer: Nature; Family
Dog: Guidance; protection; loyalty; friendship
Dingo: Relentlessness
Dolophin: Intelligence; psychism; community; protection
Dragonfly: Dreams, psychism; artistry
Eagle: Intelligence; courage; decision making; carrier of prayers
Earthworm: Rework old projects; Investigation
Elephant: Prosperity; power; strength
Ferret: Stealth; agility; revealing truths
Firefly: Hope; inspiration; beginings; ideas; creativity
Fox: Shapeshifting; trasformation; cunning; diplomacy
Frog: Beginings; abundance; medicine; inner beauty
Gargoyles: Porperty/Home protection; psychism; Block negativity; strength of spirit
Garter Snake: Activity; opportunity
Gecko: Overcoming strife
Goat: Confidence; success
Goose: Protection; parenting; perseverance
Goldfish: Peace; prosperity
Griffin: Protection; spiritual wisdom; enlightenment
Guinea Pig: Group mind
Hawk: Cleansing; nobility; clarity; spirit messengers
Hippopotamus: Transformation; initiation; creative power
Horned Snake: Cure Illness; kundalini energy; wisdom
Horse: The Goddess; traveling realms; rebirth; grace
Hummingbird: Healing; relationship repair
Hyena: Family life; group mind; heightened perception
Impala: Grace
Jackal: Protection from hidden dangers; guidance
Jaguar: Reclaiming power; strength; speed; ability
Kangaroo: forward movement; security
Koala: Serenity; peace; removing sickness
Komodo Dragon: Long life; survival
Lady Bug: Wish fulfillment; luck; protection; prosperity
Lemur: Hearlding ghosts
Leopard: Protection from ghosts; overcoming bad habits; destroying jealousy; intuition
Lion: Courage; strength; loyalty
Lizard: Patience; dreaming
Loon: Creative; fidelity
Lynx: Visionquesting; visionary work; cutting-edge mentality
Mole: Luck
Moth: Sending/receiving messages
Mouse: Attention to detail
Muskrat: Navigating tricky situations
Mussles: Filtering information
Octopus: Creative center; intelligence; power
Otter: Sharing; playfulness; aquatic grace & ability
Owl: Wisdom; heightened perception; discernment; female magicks; messages to/from the dead
Panda: Nourishment; heart of the problem
Panther: Regaining power; protection; finding information; Dark Mother
Phoenix: Transformation; spiritual growth
Pig: Abundance; fertility; intelligence
Polar Bear: Supernatural power; Spirit guides
Praying Mantis: Finding solutions; dreaming; Higher mind
Rabbit: Balance; rebirth; intuition; messages from the dead
Raccoon: Dexterity; glamouries; secrecy
Rainbow Serpent: Magick; rain; life; procreation
Ram: Achievment; success; strength
Rat: Intelligence; socialization; success
Rattlesnake: Transformation; healing; cycle of life
Raven: Healing; initiation; protection; messages; wisdom; balance
Rhinoceros: Ancient wisdom
Salamander: Inspiration; help; creativity; inspiration
Scorpion: Transformation; success; cycle of life; protection; weather
Sea Horse: Honor; coe of conduct; creativity
Seal: Dreaming; collective consciousness; birth; imagination;
Shark: Relentless ferocity; intuition
Siberian Tiger: Creativity; power; passion; unpredictable
Snake: Initiation; wisdom
Sphinx: Initiation; elemental magicks; wisdom; mystery
Spider: Weaving strong magicks; fate; spiral energy
Stag: The God; independence; purification; Forest Protection
Starfish: Working toward desires; regeneration
Stick Bud (Walkingstick): Camouflage; focus
Squirrel: Preparation; frugal; collecting
Swan: Love; beauty; healing; dreaming
Tiger: Strength; power; new adventures; family magicks
Toad: Inner strength; protection
Turkey: Material abundance
Turtle: Faith; patience; rewards; wisdom; creation
Unicorn: Good will; fame; prosperity; success; wisdom
Winged Horse: Aide in adtral travel; fame; eloquence; visiting the dead
Winged Serpent (Buto): Wisdom; protection; teaching; ancient knowledge
Wolf: Family; clan; teaching; protection; intuition; strength
Wolverine: Boldness; ferocity
Zebra: Agility; finding individuality

Intermediates: Self-Dedication Ritual

Once you have answered some of the major questions of your Path - like which tradition you dedicate yourself to, etc - you perform a second ceremony dedicating yourself to further explore these aspects of your faith. This does not set your faith in stone, much of Paganism is about expanding your beliefs. This ceremony just helps you define your beliefs and direct your power. This ceremny is usually performed 1 year and 1 day after the seeker ceremony. This just hones in on a little more specifics - not necissarily on a specific God/dess, but morethat you understand the differences in the traditions and which ones you believe work better for you. Essentially you wish to integrate the art, science and religion of the Path into you daily's the deal - if you find this ceremony confusing or you don't understand the reasoning behind certain parts than you are not ready to move on from the seeker. The year and a day is jus a guideline, some peolpe need a little more to feel comfortable with what they are doing. That being said - I don't believe we ever become experts there's always room for growth, so you don't have to have the casting adn grounding and such memorized - just be a little more comfortable with everything.

For 9 weeks prior to your ceremony, you should burn a white candle every Sunday (or the day that matches the day you were born). Say the following incantation when lighting the candle:
"Guardian of the Gates, I welcome you. Protect me on my path toward dedication and initiation and by your will, open the gates between the worlds so that my request may be heard and acted upon without harm to myself. Guardian, come to me, come to me. I need you. I invite you. Protect and guide me along my path toward dedication and initiation. Whatever I need for the ceremony, provide the way for me. So mote it be."

Use this time to set up your secred space. Collect your magickal tools, try to find ones that connect to you - you feel they were ment for you. Otherwise don't worry about them. As nothing is necessary. But you must light the candle each week, chose your powr name, Try to spend at least 15 minutes a day in meditation. Dedicate you Book of Shadows and start filling it with important spells, or information. The closer you get to the day of your ceremony you should feel a quickening - almost a pressure or flutters that allert you the energies are aligning.

*Take a spiritual bath. Towel dry with a fresh towel. Dress in your ritual atire - usually a robe. No jewlery.

*Immediately before the ceremony - clense consecrate and empower all supplies. Pass the representative of the 4 elements over the altar saying:
"I cleanse and consecrate these items in preparation for my dedication ceremony. May no evil or negativity abide here. May the blessings of the Lord and Lady descend upon this altar and these tools. So mote it be."

*Sweep your sacred area with a new empowered broom (clockwise) et up your space - candle at the quarters - altar set-up, communion, lighter, everything you need should be here so you don't have to disrupt the cermony. Place an additional votive or tea light at each of the quarters.

RITUAL: - Ground and Center
1) Cast the circle.

2) Call for dedication: Return to the center of your circle, in front of your altar. Tap your foot or your staff on the ground 3 times and repeat the incatation used above when lighting your Guardians candle.

3) Call the Quarters using the following incantation: "Guardians of (direction), element of (element), and all ye in the realm of faery, I, (state your name), do summon, stir, and call you forth to witness thisrite and protectthis sacred space. Welcome to my dedication ceremony. Powers of (element), lend your strength and stability to this ritual, gift me with your special abilities. Enter here and welcome to this momentous occasion." Start at the East and work your way around. As you recite the incantation visualize the energies and power from the element filling your body, helping you prepare for the ceremony.

4) Invoke Deity. Standing in front of the altar start in the God position. Visualize the power of God entering your body. Now assume the Goddess position and isualize the powers of the Goddess filling you. Say: "Holy Mother, Divine Father, I (state your full name, followed by your Power Name), welcome You into this circle for my dedication ritual. Come to me and bless me with Your divine presence. Please gift me with Your special powers. I have come this day (eve) to proclaim my desire to dedicate myself to the Path of the Wise. I desire to learn and study to be a practicing witch in the tradition of (state tradition: ie Celtic Witchcraft, Eclectic Wicca, etc). Help me in this year and a day to understand what it means to be a spiritual person. Please give me the strength I need to continue on this sacred path, for I know and understand I still have much to learn."

5) Ask quarters for assistance: Starting in the North walk each quarter and say, : "Hail, guardians of the (direction), I, (state your real and Power name), come to you seeking dedication into the Craft of the Wise. I invoke the powers of the (element) to teach me what I must know. Please give me strength and patience to learn what is required to be a witch in the tradition of (name tradition)." Light the additional candle at each of the quarters after reciting incantation. Visualize the energies filling your body helping youprepare for your sacred journey.

6) Blessing: Walk back to the altar. Dab Holy Water on each of the 8 points of your body. Saying: "Blessed be my feet that walk the path of spiritual service. Blessed be my knees that kneel at the sacred altar. Blessed be my womb that gives forth life. Blessed be my heart formed in beauty and strength. Blessed be my lips that speak only the truth and wisdom of the Lord & Lady. Blessed be my eyes so that I may see the abundance of the earth. May I be cleansed, consecreated, and regenerated in the service of the Craft of the Wise. So mote it be!"

7) Vows: Kneel in front ofyour altar. Take 3 deep breathes and visualize yourself filled with a holy, divine light - all that elemental adn divine energy bursting under your skin. Place your Witch's Blade on the center of your altar. Place your hands over the blade and repeat the oath: "I, (full name), do solemnly swear by my Mother's lineage and by all that I hold sacred and holy that I will honor and respect the Lord and Lady and my brothers and sisters in the Craft. I will work hard to serve the Lord and Lady in every way, and I will try to learn all aspects of the (name tradition) in preparation for my initiation. I will not use my knowledge to purposefully cause harm, nor will I require payment of money, goods or services, when I pray for people or work magick for them beyond a fair exchange of energy. When I have learned sufficiently, I may choose to seek initiation into a Coven or Group, I may choose to seek a solitary Priestess intiation or I may walk awayand follow another spiritual path. I will do my best to work in harmony for myself and for others, always. I will respect other religions as I respect my own. I will not disrespect the work of those that have gone before me, and I honor each individuals' contribution to my faith and learning. I will not reveal those brothers & sisters who are forced to practice in secret and , should I break this oath, I shall with full knowledge suffer the consequences. I will reach for the perfection in the universe and I shall obtain it. Thus said, I give myself to the religion of Witchcraft, in the Tradition of (name tradition). Spirit has now witnessed my oath. On this day (name day) I, (power name) claim my power! So mote it be!!"

8) Bless your token. Take it to each of the quarters to have it blessed. Return to the altar and hold out token again saying: "This object represents my testement to this day and my oath. I will wear it in honor of the Lord and Lady. So mote it be."

9) Take Communion.

10) Spend some time in meditiation.

11) Thank deity.

12) Release the quarters saying: "Guardians of the (direction), element of (element) and all ye in the realm of faery! Thank you for your participation in my dedication ritual. Peace be with you and harm none on your way. Powers of (element), thank you for your special gifts. Go if you must, stay if you like. Hail and Fairwell!"

13) Open the circle.

This ritual is based on the one in Solitary Witch from Silver Ravenwolf.

Beginner - Seeker Ritual

A seeker ceremony is for someone who is interested in learning more about Paganism. Essentially you are dedicating a part of yourself to your path. Since you are a beginer you may not yet know the specifics of what you believe - ie. exactly which Pantheon you follow, psychic strengths, Traditions - like Celtic, Druid, etc. So this ceremony is not choosing these things, it is a dedication that you will try to find the answers to these questions.

Whenever you feel ready. You can do it on one of the Sabbats - Beltane is good as it is about growth, or another day that has importance for youu. Intent is what matters most - you must WANT to learn and dedicate yourself to being open to new ideas.

SUPPLIES: Incense, a token (most lie a charm or piece of jewlery then can wear), an altar (table or big rock), 4 White candles for the quarters, a compas to locate the quarters. 4 White illuminator candles, 1 Red (or white) Needfire candle (the one you'll use to light other candles), Small bowl of Holy Water**(see below for recepie), small bowl of salt, a tea candle, a cauldron (or fire-proof bowl), a small snack - generally cake or bread and a drink generally wine or grape juice, a picture or statue as your representation of Spirit / God/dess, an Athame - or any knife not previously used for cutting, Your notebook (Book of Shadows) - although I usually write my notes on notecards for rituals.


1) Blessing & Consecrating your tools: Place all supplies and tools on your altar. Pass a representation of the elements over each tool and supply asking the elemtal guardians to bless and protect these items. Pass the Incense over items and say: "Guardians of the East, element of Air, bless and protect these tools that I might serve the Lord and Lady for the good." {Remember the needfire candle can represent the south - fire, Holy water can represent the West - water, Salt can represent the Noth - Earth}. Hold you hands over the altar saying: "I bless and consecrate these items for my seeker ceremony. May no evil or negativity abide in thee. May the blessings of the Lord & Lady (or Spirit) descend upon this altar and these tools. So mote it be."

2) Set up your ritual site: Place a candle at each of the quarters - using your compass to find the exact location. *If doing your ritual outside walk the area first asking the fairies for permission to use their space and to protect you during this special ceremony. Stand before your altar and take a few deep breathes. Ground - feel yourself rootend to the earth, and center - find that calm spot deep within you, where the power flows.

3) Casting the Circle & Calling the Quarters: (see previous posts on 4/19/07)

4) Calling Deity: Move to the center of your circle facing your altar, stand in the God position (Arms crossed over chest, looking down toward the ground). Close your eyes and feel the connection to God in your body - strong pulsing with power, a reverbaration deep within your being. Slowly shift to the Goddess position (Arms open wide toward the sky - like a Y - looking up at the sky). Taking deep breathes feel your connection to the Goddess - a warmth and sensual pulse of comfort, like you're getting a hug from within. Say: "Holy Mother, Divine Lord, I welcome you into this circle for my seeker ritual. Come to me and bless me and bless me with thy divine presence. Gift me, please, with your special powers. I have come to this day (eve) to proclaim my interest in the knowledge and spirituality in the Craft of the Wise." Feel for the stronger pulse of the deity's presence within yourself.

5) Your pledge: Kneel in fron of yor altar and say the following or write your own pledge. "I, (state your full name), do solemnly swear by my Mother's lineage and by all that I hold sacred and holy, that I will honor and respect Spirit and the brothers and sisters in the Craft of the Wise. I will strive to serve Spirit in every fascet of my life. I dedicate myself to absorbing the vast knowledge available withing the Craft. I further swear to not use my knowledge to purposefully cause harm, nor will I require payment of money, goods or services when I pray for people or work magick for them beyond a fair exchange of energy. In one year I will assess my knowledge and understanding in the craft. At that time I may decide to dedicate myself to the Lord and Lady to further my growth, or I may walk away to follow another spiritual path. I will do my best to work in harmony with all around me. I will respect other religions as I respect my own. Spirit has now witnessed my oath. On this day, (name the day), I claim my power! So mote it be!!"
*Take a moment to enjoy the peace in your soul after finishing this speach.

6) Protection Token: Stand and light the tea candle in your causdron. Take your token - be it coin or jewlery or pretty rock. Hold the item over the cauldron saying: "Lord & Lady, please bless this token of my faith. May it provide protection as I walk the Path of the Wise."
Take the token to each quarter and ask the Guardians to bless and energize the token. *You can use "Guardians of the East, element of Air, bless and protect these token that I might safely and proudly walk the Path of the Wise."
Take the token back to the altar, hold it over the cauldron again saying, "This object represents my testament to this day and my vow. I will wear it in honor of the Lord and Lady. So mote it be."
As you put the poken on or in a pocket (you want it close to your skin) say: "At this moment I am reborn in body, mind, and spirit. So mote it be!"

7) Communion: Hold your hads over the drink and say: "From the moon to the land, from the land to the vine, from the vine to the berry, from the berry to the juice. I consecrate this drink in the name of the Lord and Lady. May their blessings shower upon me through eternity. So mote it be." Drink most of the drink - saving some to donate outside after, pour it on the ground saying "To the Gods".
Hold your hands over the bread, say: "From he sun to the land, from the land to the stalk, from the stalk to the grain, from the grain to the bread, I consecrate this food in the name of the Lord and Lady. May their blessings shower upon me through eternity. So mote it be." Eat most of the food - saving some to donate outside after, place it on the ground saying "To the Gods".

8) Meditation. Sit on the ground in front of your altar, practicing some meditation techniques.

9) Thanking Deity. Stand in front of your altar open arms overhead in the Goddess position, say: "Great Motehr, Divine Father, I thank you for attending my seeker ceremony. Guard and guide me until I decide to become a part of a community of the Craft of the Wise, or choose to seek another path. Help me to do the divine work givin to me, and help me in all of my choices. So mote it be."

10) Close the Quarters and Circle. (see posts from 4/19)
After closing the circle say: "This circle is open, but never broken. Merry meet, and merry part until we merry meet again. For we are the people, the power and the change. So mote it be!"

Derived from Solitary Witch, by Silver Ravenwolf

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Tommorow on KickbuttMama is in Charge

* Determining / Using Your Totem
* Spell/Ritual of the Day: Self-Initiation
* Exercise of the Day
* God/dess of the Day
* Magickal Traditions Explained

Colors and their Magickal Associations

The following is a list of colors and their magickal associations. You can use it when decorating the house - choosing candles - etc.

White: The godess, ancient mother, purity, spirituality, devotional magicks, general prayers, illumination, cycle of life, good will, initiation, freedom, love, health, to symbolize a person/place/thing.
Black: Return energy to sender, divination, protection, dark goddesses, time, chaos, first stages of magickal workings, North, winter, rebirth, wisdom, #8, infinity, destroy bad habits, rest, - FOLLOW THE BURNING OF A BLACK CANDLE WITH THE BURNING OF AWHITE, use sparingly to balance.
Blue-Black: Wounded pride, to knit broken bones, angelic protection
Violet: Peace, serenity, dreaming magicks, invoke Spirit in charitable works.
Blue: Truth, intelligence, wisdom, loyalty, fidelity, peace, meditation, water, Great Mother, infinity, poetry, faith, planet Venus, defeating an enemy, protect hearth/home/yound. Use w/ White to create confusion amoung evil.
Green: Healing, the Green Man, god/desses of vegetation & forests, youth, hope, happiness, new beginings, improve weather, financial gains (w/ Gold & Silver) agricultural magicks, abundance, prosperity, immortality, spring, the planets Venus & Mercury.
Yellow: Healing, energy of the sun, prosperity, self-esteem, intellect, beauty, light, life, truth, prosperity, attraction.
Orange: Opportunities, the ability to overcome challenges, break blocks, material gains, seal a spell, happiness, luxury, remove feelings of abandonment.
Red: Action, passion, deep affection, courage, fire, masculine principle, festivity, strength, faith, life renewal, joy, summer, active leadership, expansion, the planet Mars.
Pink: Friendship & harmony
Silver: Fast money, moon magick, the Charge of the Goddess, reality, connection to Spirit, astral travel, freedom, destroy illusions, restory balance, endurance, star magick, meditation, peace, personal illumination
Grey: Stabilize a disturbed personality, slow down a reckless person or situation, use in some glamouries.
Brown/Bronze: Soothe emotional upsets, security, spport, friendship, and nature magicks.

Choosing/Using a Power/Magickal Name

What is a Power Name?
This name is a part of you - the part that calls to the power within you, the God/dess and Nature. Essentially when I say my power name it gives me direct access to my power center without having to go through the complex grounding and centering procedures - as this part of me is always connected.

How do I use my Power Name?
So prior to casting a circle or spell I close my eyes and call my power name aloud. As I do so I visualize my magickal self. This is me but the me that is pulsing with power - it can be seen in my aura, flaring with colors and life. My power self is vitually always sky-clad whereas I do not ofter practice witchcraft skyclad - except on the Sabbats. Once I've "connected" to my power self I can feel the power flowing through me - almost a tingling in my fingers and under my skin. This is me connected with the innate power within me, it is also the part of me that can most easily connect to the power of the elements and Spirit. NOTE: Some people have no problem sharing their power name with others - while others keep their power name secret, like many magickal practices - you jsut need to determine what works and feels right to you).

How do I choose a Power Name?
Like everything in Paganism, there are many different methods of determining a power name. When I was choosing my name I performed all of those listed below until I came up with a name that immediately flooded me with a sense of rightness - its a feeling hard to describe, except to say my inner self appeared to be shouting - Yes That One!!!

The top 3 I recomend are the following:
1) The number system: Look at your name - I suggest you use the name you are most comfortable being called. For instance a Robert might be more comfortable being called Bob, in which case he should use Bob. *Write you name on a piece of paper.
*Assign each letter a number. A=1, B=2,C=3, etc. So, as an example, Mary is 13, 1, 18, 25.
* Now separate all numbers into single digits. So, Mary is 1, 3, 1 , 1, 8, 2, 5
* Add those numbers together. Mary = 21
* Now you can have fun, you want to determine a name that equals that of your given name. So you can mix up the numbers thus mixing up the letters - but whatever name you make needs to equal 21. So an example ofthe Power name could be Unafea (21, 14, 1, 6, 5, 1 converts to 2+1+1+4+1+5+1 + 21). Play with it and see what you get.

2) Astrological and Magickal Associations:
Many people have a totem animal or guide and many peoples personalities can also be asociated with colors. I'm a fire sign so Red is an important color to my personality. Look at a list of animals and magical animals - you may find a totem. Also look to a list of color associations you may find one or more color that "fits" you. So if your totem animals are The Blue Jay and the Bear, your power name could be Blue BearJay or a combination there of.

3) Meditation. You can choose a guided meditation to see what you see. Making a mental note of all colors and object and animals. For instance once I received a deep level of meditation I opened my mind asking the Lord and Lady to help guide me in choosing my power name. If I had images of Wolves and Silver lightening, I could make my power name Silver LighteningWolf. (See older posts for guided meditation techniques.)

NOTE: Be careful and sure once you've chosen your power name. The core of the name cannot be changed - as least I don't recommend it. You can add to it like a woman may add her husbands last name after she is married but she keeps the main elements of her name. If you end up not liking the name you choose you won't be able to connect to the power as easily thus defeating the purpose of having Power Name.

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Tommorow on KickbuttMama is in Charge

* Determining your Power Name
* Determining your totem
* What uses do your power name & totem have
* Discussing Death with children



This was created by Silver RavenWolf to be used to protect service men/women in times of war. The Himmelsbrief is a type of letter or testament carried on a person or hung in the house to protect against evil people or deeds. This is also know as a "Letter of Protection". In 1918 Pennsylvania Germans issued a "Letter of Protection" for their Nation Guards being shipped off to WWI.

* Write the Himmelsbrief on a piece of paper (see end of post)* Write the persons name across the top of the page.
* Either copy/scan a picture of the person onto the back of the paper or attact a picture of the person onto the back of the page.
* Add any symbols or oghams onto the front of the page.* Place page on altar - cast circle, call the quarters invoke diety -(I would invoke Morrigan - Goddess of war or Abarta - warrior energy or Scathach - Warrior Princess, Goddess of Martial Arts)
* Carry the page to the paper to each of the 4 quarters asking each quarter energy for divine protection for this person. (Start with the North)
* Call down the Lord & Lady (or your idea of Spirit, or your invoked deity) and ask for blessings and protection for the individual listed onthe paper.
* Repeat teh prayer on the paper 3 times with the person's full name each time.
* Hold your hands over the paper and allow protective energy from the divine to flow through your fingertips. Envision the paper & picture filled with a glaring white light. Hold this visualization as long as possible.
* Hold the paper & picture close to your eyes. See the paper on your loved one. Se teh paper as a sheild tht grows and covers them. Hold this visualization as longas possible. Finish by saying: "I know you will do this for me, so mote it be."
* Draw an equal armed cross over the picture to seal the work.
* Thank deity & quarters
* Release deity, close the quarters. Release the circle.
* Send the paper to your loved one to keep on their person at all times. (NOTE: You can reduce the size on a copy machine and laminate it - If you used a separate photo - frame it and place it on your altar until your loved one comes home.)

Note - I also consecrated a Blue/Black candle in this ceremony (blue black is for angelic protection) and envisioned all that divine protection soaking into the candle and I burn it daily - each time I burn it I envision the strength of the Himmelsbrief strengthening..
In the names of the Lord & Lady
Whoever beareth this letter upon the self
shall not dread the enemy,nor be overcome,
nor suffer injury,nor misfortune, nor fear flood,
fire, weapons, chemicals, poison,
nor be affected in any way by self same,
nor be captured, face torture,nor fear
weather nor war,nor suffer mental anguish.
Whoever beareth this letter will be filled
with strength, mental acuity,protection,
and love. They shall sense unseen dangers and
respond accordingly.They shall persevere
where others fall. They shall return home
victorious andlive a full and active life.
So mote it be!!

God/dess of the Day

The Morrigan

(Pan Celtic) A triple goddess composed of the three Goddesses of war, battle, death & destruction: Badb, Macha, and Neman. At battlefeilds the Morrigan took the form of a crow or raven and flew sheiking overhead, often calling upon the spirits of slain warriors. Celtic war trophies (severed heads) were offered to her as were "the Morrigan's acorn crop".

Excerpt from "Celtic Women's Spirituality" by Edain McCoy

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God/dess of the Day

Dian Cecht
(by Micha F. Lindemans found at

The great god of healing and the physician of the Tuatha Dé Danann. He made the silver hand for his brother king Nuada to replace the one he lost in battle. Dian Cecht had blessed the well Slane in which the wounded Tuatha Dé bathed. It healed all their wounds so they could resume their fighting. He had a son, Miach, whom he slew out of professional jealousy. Miach had replaced the silver hand Dian Cecht had made for Nuada with Nuada's own hand. Some claimed it was jealousy, while Dian Cecht said is was the disrespectful manner in which the replacement was done. He is also the grandfather of Lugh.

Tommorow on KickbuttMama is in Charge

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* Working to help children understand the concept of death
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Concept for Today

(*taken from Solitary Witch by Silver RavelWolf)
These concepts are some of the most important of the basic practices you will ever learn. They can be used to calm you down if your emotions are going haywire, I used them during labor & delivery of my children, and you will always use them when you perform any spell or ritual. Stress can bring any magickal workings to a grinding halt so you want to practice these regularly.
*Proper breathing brings oxygen to all areas of the body and ignites the energy centers, aka Chakras, with positive energy, which helps to reduce your level of stress. The breath can also be associated with the Spirit of God/dess and is believed to be charged by the Earth's magnetic field. * Therefor, when you breathe in and yout you are becoming one with the universe - not only physically but mentally and spiritually as well.
Many magickal systems include a Sacred/Holy breath. It is our way of "grounding & centering" this means to be in the - here and now. Your entire being focused on what you are doing rather than thinking about several things at a time. I usually want bare feet in contact with the ground to start - when I began I took "grounding" pretty literally and wanted to connect with the ground wherever I was. So feet flat on the ground helps me to use my sense of feeling - touch to conect with the "SPACE" in which I currently reside. Grounding literally means to feel secure, to root yourself in the planet Earth, to bring nature into yourself, and yourself into nature. Centering is to find that calm smooth space at the center of your being, stretching out to the center of where yuo are standing/siting, out to the center of the planet, into the center of the universe. It is the still point - the absolute moment of calm when you feel like you are one with the universe.* Close your eyes and be YOU!! Not mom, sister, daughter, boss, etc. - just YOU!!
Sacred Breathing
Exercise 1 Sacred Breathing for Internal Magicks: Pick a time & place whre you won't be disturbed - turn off the phone, etc. Sit comfortably in a chair with a straight back. Tip yourtorso over your thighs so your hands can lay flat on the floor. Slowly roll the body up - stacking one vertabrea at a time until you are sitting tall. Repeat 3 times (This helps to alleviate stress stored in the body). Rest your hands on your thighs, palms up.
Close your eyes and relax. Breathe in through your nos and out through your mouth as slowly and evenly (inhale, hold and exhale are all equal - try for a count of 4) as possible - this does get easier as you continure. This is called the Rhythem of the Sacred Breath. Continue this breathing as you relax further. Envision yourself surrounded by a pure, white light. You are inhaling the white light and exhaling all the grime / smoke / smog and stress of the day. Try this everyday for a week, more if you are upset or working hard. (NOTE: You might get a little "floaty/ dizzy" feeling after a little bit of this breathing - THIS IS EXCELLENT this is your deep alpha sate - the optimal state to do self-empowerment/self-healing or astral travel.
When ready count 5 to one and open your eyes.
Exercise 2 Sacred Breathing For External Magicks: This is the frame of mind / body necessary to connect with Spirit for the most effective / efficient migickal workings like spell casting, circle casting, rituals, etc. Usually I'm standing, with my eyes closed.
Deep Breathe One: ROOTING. I make sure my feet are pushing solidly into the ground. As I inhale I visualize rooting growing out of my feet connecting me to motehr earth. Feeling the surge of energy directly from the planet. My energy I visualize as Red (as it's my color) and Earth energy as Green. So I can better see them merging.
Deep Breathe Two: SENDING. I will stretch my arms out wide to my side. Visualizingthe energy from Mother Earth cycling through my body mixing with my spirit. Then this combined energy shoots out of my fingertips mingling my essence with the air, universe, etc. The Red (my energy) and Green (Mother earth energy) come out of my fingers intertwined.
Deep Breathe Three: RECEIVING. As the universe received my energy in step two it will send energy back to me in this step.With my thrid breathe I imagine The universe's energy soaking into my fingers, cycling through my body, down through my feet mixing with Mother Earth energy. The universe energy I visualize as silver coming back into my fingers and through my body intertwining withthe Red(me) and Green (Earth)
Deep Breath Four: CENTERING. All this energy as been brought to the surface - my soul energy, Mother Earth energy and Universe energy. It is all cycling through my. With this final deep breath I Imagine the colors - Silver, Green and Red intertwining so tightly it blends int one color. My focus is in my solar-plexus (just below my heart) Image there is a sun / ball of light burning there. Soo, this is the herd part. All the intertwined colored energy is entering from my feet and fingers and exiting the same way. It will pass through this ball of light at my center. Each time the energy passes through my light, my light will grow, until my entire body is made up of this ball of light with the intertwined energy of me, earth and the universe passing merging and exiting it. (NOTE: This might take more than a single deep breath as you first start. Don't worry just keep at it with total focus until you're grounded and centered. Now I don't need all the time and visualization. I can recognize the feel of Mother Earth and the Universe and my energy and I can merge them is relatively shot periods of time)


Lets face it, many of us are balancing on the high-wire of life with many different plates in hand. We struggle and strive not to drop a single plate - a bring ourselves to the poing of panic trying to keep everything going. Many of us stress while learning to search our 'souls' for the correct path of religion as well. Many of us were brought - up in less than supportive household - more a believe what we believe or you won't fit in. This is what I was raised in as well. Still, most of my extended family are a part of an extrememly right-wing Christian religion that was more akin to a cult than a supportive religion. The have never understood my connection to nature and refuse to believe I'm not worshiping satan. So it can be unsettling to those of us balancing many things on that high-wire to deal with outside sources of stress - but I think even worse is our natural ability to bury ourselves in stress and worry. Worrry of thingsthat might never come to pass, I might add. So, what to do to decrease stresses. Here are a list of spells I have found effective:
Celtic: A May Day Spell to incite the luck of the Gods for love & good feelings
Celebratingthe merry month of May is widespread throughout the world. May takes its name from Maia Majestas, the goddess of spring. The erection of a sacred tree or maypole echoed ancient tree worship. On May Day Eve many young couples would leap between the Bal Fires before spending the night in the woods to ensure fertility. The blooming of the hawthorn marked the transition from winter to summer, and May 1st was the only day when hawthorn could be taken into the home, in honor of the spring goddess; this sacred tree could only be cut for such an important purpose. {Book of Spells By: Nichola de Pulford}
SUPPLIES: A few sprigs of hawthorn, a little milk, a white candle, Juniper & Frankincense oils & an oil burner.
METHOD: On May 1st, find a hawthorn tree and take a few sprays (Thank the tree for its assistance on this special day) Pour a little milk at the base of the tree to thank the spirits. Sit with the tree for as long as you can, holding the sprays in your hands, and become one with the life surrounding you. Once home, light the candle and burn the oils, sprinkling a few hawthorn leaves on them. Carry the burner through your home &/or around the outside; concentrate on bringing down he energy from the sun and returning it again in the never-ending Circle of Life. Hang the hawthorn spray over your door, invoking love and good feelings to remain with you.
Druid: Look Good - Feel Good - Regenerating Massage & Bath
Vervain (verbena officinalis) was one of the Druids' most sacred herbs, and was used to cleanse their altars, for divination, as amulets, and for most of their immportant spells. It was also mentioned in the witch trials, where it was though to make the wearer invisible and able to fly. This spell will raise your spirits. {Book of Spells By: Nichola de Pulford}
SUPPLIES: Dried or fresh Vervail leaves; Rose otto, sandlewood and sunflower oils; 2 Blue Candles
METHOD: Gather or buy your vervain laves on the day of the full moon, then charge them with themoon's rays by facing the moon holding the leaves in your outstretched hands and say:
"Imbue my sacred herb with light, with power full both day and night."
Now the vervain is charged, you may keep it to use whenever you wish. Before the massage, put the vervain leaves in boiling water and leave to infuse for 10 minutes. Meanwhile dilute 2 drops of the Rose otto oil and 5 drops of sandlewood oil into a 1 oz (25 ml) bottle of sunflower oil. Strain the infusion of vervain. add it to your bathwater. and soak for at least 10 minutes to gain the full effect. In a warm room lit by the blue candles, massage yourself with the oil (or you can have a significant other do it) - start with your feet and ankles and work up your body. Finish by covering your eyes with your hand and breathing deeply for a few minutes.
NOTE: I haveals just added 2 drops of the Rose Oil, 5 drops of the sandlewood oil and 1 oz of Sunflower oil to my bath, along with the infusion and just soaked it up. In a bathroom lit by blue candles, it can be extremely relaxing - I try to clear my mind and visualize a most peaceful setting.
Native American: Walking the Good Red Road
According to Native American beliefs, we are spiritual beings on a human journey, part of the 'one great spirit'. Our bodies are shells that will, like all living things, return to Mother Earth when we die, but our spirits will return to the whole spirit- the unseen world. Many of us live in cities with little or no contact with Mother Earth; we no longer walk with nature, in the embracing Circle of life. This ritual will restore your spiritual balance. THe colors represent the races of humanity and the 4 Quarters of the Circle of Life. {Book of Spells By: Nichola de Pulford}
SUPPLIES: A feather;a long red ribbon; Red, black, yellow and white beans
METHOD: Find a place you can be alone with the natural world. (A park your back yard, etc. - personally I like a forest, but that's my Druidry speaking :D) Imagine you are walking through a door, leaving your everyday life behind. Walk in a clockwise direction until you feel a desire to stop; place your feather on this spot. Continue to walk; if this spot calls you again this is "your place". If it doesn't, repeat the process until you find the spot where the 'energies' call to you most. Arrange the ribbon in a large circle with the feather at he center. Place some colored beans in each quarter of your circle. Pick upthe feather and sit in its place. Look around you and drink in the spirit of Your Place. Open all your senses and breathe the air common to all living things, like aweb, it connects you to them. Feel the breeze on your face, the feather is in your hand, and become in balance - your body, mind and soul in harmony with nature. Keep the beans, ribbon adn feather in a safe place and repeat ritual as often as necessary.


Brigid: In Irish-Celtic myth, the triple goddess of fertility, the hearth, childbirth, abundance, healing, and poetic inspiration. Name Cognates: Breo Saighead, Brid, Brighid [Eriu], Brigindo, Brigandu [Gaul], Brigan, Brigantia, Brigantis [Briton], Bride [Alba].
Breo Saighead, or the "Fiery Arrow or Power," is a Celtic three-fold goddess, the daughter of The Dagda, and the wife of Bres. Known by many names, Brighid's three aspects are (1) Fire of Inspiration as patroness of poetry, (2) Fire of the Hearth, as patroness of healing and fertility, and (3) Fire of the Forge, as patroness of smithcraft and martial arts. She is mother to the craftsmen. Sons of Tuireann: Creidhne, Luchtaine and Giobhniu.

Excalibur, King Arthur's sword, was forged by the Lady of the Lake, a figure sometimes associated with Brighid because of her fire and forgery aspect. Like the Arthurian Avalon, or "Isle of Apples," Brigid possessed an apple orchard in the Otherworld to which bees traveled to obtain it's magickal nectar. Brigid, which means "one who exaults herself," is Goddess of the Sacred Flame of Kildare (derived from "Cill Dara," which means "church of the oak") and often is considered to be the White Maiden aspect of the Triple Goddess. She was Christianized as the "foster-mother" of Jesus Christ, and called St. Brigit, the daughter of the Druid Dougal the Brown. She sometimes also is associated with the Romano-Celtic goddess Aquae-Sulis in Bathe. Brighid's festival is Imbolc, celebrated on or around February 1 when she ushers Spring to the land after The Cailleach's Winter reign. This mid-Winter feast commences as the ewes begin to lactate and is the start of the new agricultural cycle. During this time Brigid personifies a bride, virgin or maiden aspect and is the protectoress of women in childbirth. Imbolc also is known as Oimelc, Brigid, Candlemas, or even in America as Groundhog Day. As the foundation for the American Groundhog Day, Brigid's snake comes out of its mound in which it hibernates and its behavior is said to determine the length of the remaining Winter. Gailleach, or White Lady, drank from the ancient Well of Youth at dawn. In that instant, she was transformed into her Maiden aspect, the young goddess called Brigid. Wells were considered to be sacred because they arose from oimbelc (literally "in the belly"), or womb of Mother Earth. Because of her Fire of Inspiration and her connection to the apple and oak trees, Brighid often is considered the patroness of the Druids.

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Celtic Pantheon

Dagda: Father God (the good God)

Danu (Anu) / Don: Mother Goddess

Abarta: Earrior energy (Irish)

Aine: Goddess of love & Fertility (Irish)

Amaethon: God of agriculture (Welsh)

Aonghus: God of love (Irish)

Badb: Goddess of battle - 1 of the 3 faces of Morrigan (Irish)

Belenus: Sun God (Welsh/Irish)

Bran: God of sea voyages

Bran the Blessed: God of the underworld (British)

Brigantia: Goddess of water, war, healing & prosperity

Brigid: Goddess of healing, fertility, poetry & the forge (Irish)

Ceridwen: Goddess of fertility (Welsh)

Dian Cecht: God of healing (Welsh)

Dylan: God of the sea (Welsh)

Epona: Goddess of sweet water, fertility & horses (Welsh)

Lir: God of the sea (Irish)

Lugh: God of the sun (Irish)

Macha: Gddess of war - 1 of the 3 faces of Morrigan (Irish)

Morrigan: Goddess of war, original goddess of the earth and agriculture

Nemain: Goddess of war (Irish)

Nodens: God of healing (British)

Nuada: God of valor

Ogma: God of eloquence (British)

Rhiannon: Goddess of suffering & patience (Welsh)

Scathach: Goddess of the martial arts & Warrior princess of the land of shadows

Taliesin: Prophet & bard (welsh)

Tuatha de Danann: People of the Goddess Danu

I will give more of this list as well as analize the stories behind each of the Gods each day in my blog.


MARS: The all powerful ~ Calling upon Mars, the planet of courage, to help overcome personal obstacles.

In Roman mythology, the planet Mars was associated with war, and thus great strength and courage was associated with this planet. This spell calls upon these traits for help in overcoming personal obstacles, and can be used to end conflict or to provide physical endurance.

SUPPLIES: Scarlet Felt, Red sewing thread and a needle, 5 small iron nails, 2 red candles, your favorite incense (with burner of course), a pinch of tobacco.

METHOD: Cast your circle, call the quarters - Invoke Mars (below). Using the felt and thread, sew together a bag strong enough to hold the nails. On a Tuesday (the day sacred to Mars), stand 2 un-lit candles side by side. Burn your incense along with a pinch of tobacco (the plant sacred to mars). Pass the nails one by one through the smoke and say:
"Lord of Iron, strength of steel, let your force my conflict heal".
Place the nails in the bag and sew it shut. Light the left hand candle and say:
"Mars, empower me with your light, keep my courage shining bright, that I may attain my right."
Visualize strength, courage and empowerment filling you with the words. Light the right candle and say:
"Mars, defend me with your might, give mental strength in any fight, that I fear naught by day or night. So mote it be!"
Thank Mars, and the quarters, close your circle and hide the bag of nails for 5 weeks. Your courage will keep you strong!

Mars Invocation:
State the purpose of your working and say:

"Mighty Mars of iron will, ferocious force of action and leader of passion, who empowers Earth with vitality and courage, who brings change inmovement, seed this working with your unendingstrength and sheild my enchantments from pryingeye. Wolven howl of transformation, ruler ofAries, exalted in Capricorn, element of Fire,energize this working!"


According to : Astral projection (or astral travel) is an interpretation of out-of-body experiences (OBEs) achieved either awake or via lucid dreaming, deep meditation, or the use of psychotropics. People who say they experience astral projection often say that their consciousness or soul has transferred into an astral body (or "double"), which moves in tandem with the physical body in a "parallel world" known as the astral plane. The concept of astral projection has been around for thousands of years, dating back to ancient China. The mystical model includes a large variety of belief systems and astral maps, but they are tied together by their belief that astral projection takes place outside of the actual physical body. In this model, a more subtle energy body is believed to carry the consciousness outside of the physical body. In their book Projection of the Astral Body, Carrington and Muldoon detail how consciousness is transferred into a secondary "energy" body (the etheric body) to allow travel into the astral planes. This idea is also described by other authors such as Robert Peterson in his book Out of Body Experiences: How to have them and what to expect (chapters 5, 17, 22), and Robert Bruce in his book Astral Dynamics (pages 31-33, 404-410, 538). Bruce expanded on this idea in his book Astral Dynamics, stating that higher planes of existence are reached through the progressive projection of subtler energy bodies from previous projected bodies (pages 33-42). The subtle body is attached to the physical body by means of an energetic connection which usually takes the appearance of a silver cord 'plugging' into the chakra system like an umbilical cord. Robert Peterson describes this in chapter 13 of his book Out of Body Experiences, Robert Bruce in his book Astral Dynamics (pages 27, 52-53, 84, 397-403,544) and by Carrington and Muldoon in their book Projection of the astral body. This description raises the question, which is connected to which? Are our physical bodies powered by our 'spirits' or 'souls', or vice versa?
Achieving Astral Projection:
A) Meditation: Choose a position in which you will be comfortable for a prolonged period, but will not make you fall asleep (if you do don't get discouraged, many do in the begining). Here's the 2 visuals I have used in the past:

1: Chakras: Breathe deeply, ground yourself. Feel every fiber of the chair pressing aginst you clothes. Feel every fiber of your clothes pressing against your skin. Start at your toes. Concentrate on how your toes feel. flex them then relax them to move up to the calf. Tighten your calf then relax it. Move up to your thghs / butt tighten / relese. Go up the whole body - belly, lungs, fingers, forearms, bicep, jaw., eyes. Once I get to my third eye I visualize it opening like a door. Through that doorway is the destination I had in mind. I can soo throguh the frame of the dor whever I wanted to go. Slowly I walk through the door - and there I am. I've also projected to people imagining them through the door.

2: Beach Scene: for those who need help clearing the clutter from the mind: Close your eyes and take three deep breathes. Imagine you are sucking in a white smoke as you inhale picture the smoke spreading throughout your body. Relax EVERYTHING! Continue taking deep even breathes - in for a count of 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4 - just to find a rhythm (don't count) Imagine yourself on a long empty beach. Feel the sand beneath your toes. Hear the seaguls, hear the whoosh of the waves, feel the Moonlight tingle on your skin. There is a long stick in your hand. Use the stick to draw a circle. In the center of the circle draw the number 10. Let the waves wash the circle and number away. Draw another circle with the number 9. Let the waves wash it away. Repeat this process until you finish number 1 at this point you should be extremely relaxed and ready to travel. Lay down/sit down on the beach in the same position you are in in your home. Close your eyes. Continure deep breething as you begin to visualize where you want to travel. Hear the sounds, smell the scents, etc. Open your 'astral' eyes again and you should no longer be on the beach but wherever you chose to travel.

3: Forest Scene: For those with vivid imaginations who need help clearing the clutter from the mind: Close your eyes and take three deep breathes. Imagine you are sucking in a white smoke as you inhale picture the smoke spreading throughout your body. Relax EVERYTHING! Imagine yourself in a forest, next to a rumbling brook. Feel the moisture in the air. Hear the birds and the animals running around, hear the wind through the trees, feel the scattered Sunlight (scattered through the leaves on the trees) tingle on your skin. You have a pouch of small pebbles attached to your waist. Take one of the pebbles and toss it into the brook.Wait fo r the water rings to vanish. Repeat with teh next pebble. Repeat this process until you are out of pebbles (usually aanywhere from 10 - 20 pebbles are needed. At this point you should be extremely relaxed. Sit/lay down on a large stone or the forest floor. Close your eyes. Continure deep breething as you begin to visualize where you wnat to travel. Hear the sounds, smell the scents, etc. Open your 'astral' eyes again and you should no longer be on the beach but wherever you chose to travel.

B) Lucid Dreaming: Lucid dreaming (lucid from Latin, lux "light") is the conscious perception of one's state while dreaming, resulting in a much clearer experience and can be as if you were awake, even sometimes enabling direct control over the content of the dream, a realistic world that is to some degree in the control of the dreamer.[1] The complete experience from start to finish is called a lucid dream. Stephen LaBerge, a popular author and experimenter on the subject, has defined it as "dreaming while knowing that you are dreaming."[2]
LaBerge and his associates have called people who purposely explore the possibilities of lucid dreaming
oneironauts (literally from the Greek ονειροναύτες, meaning "dream sailors"). The validity of lucid dreaming as a scientifically verified phenomenon is well-established.[3][4]

Common induction techniques
1) Wake-back-to-bed (WBTB)
The wake-back-to-bed technique is often the easiest way to induce a lucid dream. The method involves going to sleep tired and waking up five hours later. Then, focusing all thoughts on lucid dreaming, staying awake for an hour and going back to sleep while practicing the MILD method. A 60% success rate has been shown in research using this technique.
[27] This is because the REM cycles get longer as the night goes on, and this technique takes advantage of the best REM cycle of the night. Because this REM cycle is longer and deeper, gaining lucidity during this time may result in a more lengthy lucid dream.[27]

2) Reality testing
Reality testing is a common method that people use to determine whether or not they are dreaming. It involves performing an action with results that are difficult to re-create in a dream. By practicing these techniques during waking life, one may eventually dream of performing a reality check—which will usually fail—helping the dreamer realize that they are dreaming. Common reality tests include:

  • Holding one's nose, then breathing through it. Often, it is possible to breathe through the nose, even though it is pinched shut.
  • Reading some text, looking away, and reading it again, or to look at one's watch and remember the time, then look away and look back. Observers have found that, in a dream, the text or time will often have changed.[25]
  • Flipping a light switch or looking into a mirror. Light switches rarely work properly in dreams, and reflections from a mirror often appear to be blurred, distorted or incorrect.[26]
  • Pinching oneself or hitting an object hard. The acute pain usually cannot be felt in dreams.
  • Counting one's fingers. The number of fingers will often be higher or lower than 5, or not be easily counted, or even shift before the dreamer's eyes.

Another form of reality testing involves identifying one's dream signs, clues that one is dreaming. Dream signs are often categorized as follows:

  • Action — The dreamer, another dream character, or a thing does something unusual or impossible in waking life, such as photos in a magazine or newspaper becoming 3-dimensional with full movement.
  • Context — The place or situation in the dream is strange.
  • Form — The dreamer, another character, or a thing changes shape, or is oddly formed or transforms; this may include the presence of unusual clothing or hair, or a third person view of the dreamer.
  • Awareness — A peculiar thought, a strong emotion, an unusual sensation, or altered perceptions. In some cases when moving one's head from side to side, one may notice a strange stuttering or 'strobing' of the image.
  • Cohesion — Sometimes the dreamer may seem to "teleport" to a completely different location in a dream, with no transition whatsoever.

Though occurrences like these may seem out of place in waking life, they may seem perfectly normal to a dreaming mind and learning to pick up on these dream signs will help in recognizing that one is dreaming. Since a lucid dream starts in an instant and looks and feels like real world inside the person's head, some people panic or are slightly frightened by it, and consciously pull out of it feeling that lingering might cause them to be trapped inside their own head. This cannot happen. You cannot be trapped inside your own head when fully conscious.h the understanding of lucid dreaming into a less speculative realm.

3)Wake-initiated lucid dream (WILD)
The wake-initiated lucid dream "occurs when the sleeper enters REM sleep with unbroken
self-awareness directly from the waking state".[28] There are many techniques aimed at entering a WILD. The key to these techniques is recognizing the hypnagogic stage, which is within the border of being awake and being asleep. If a person is successful in staying aware while this stage occurs, they will eventually enter the dream state while being fully aware that it is a dream. There are key times at which this state is best entered; while success at night after being awake for a long time is very difficult, it is relatively easy after being awake for 15 or so minutes and in the afternoon during a nap. Common techniques for inducing WILDs abound. Dreamers often count, envision themselves climbing or descending stairs, chanting to themselves, exploring elaborate, passive sexual fantasies, controlling their breathing, concentrating on relaxing their body from their toes to their head, allowing images to flow through their "mind's eye" and envisioning themselves jumping into the image, or any various form of concentration to keep their mind awake, while still being calm enough to let their body sleep. During the actual transition into the dream state, one is likely to experience sleep paralysis, including rapid vibrations,[13] a sequence of very loud sounds and a feeling of twirling into another state of body awareness, "to drift off into another dimension". Also there is frequently a sensation of falling rapidly or dropping through the bed as one enters the dream state or the sensation of entering a dark black room from which one can induce any dream scenario of one's choosing, simply by concentrating on it. The key to being successful is to not panic, especially during the transition which can be quite sudden.

Note: Prolonging lucid dreams
One problem faced by people wishing to lucid dream is awakening prematurely. This premature awakening can be especially frustrating after investing considerable time into achieving lucidity in the first place. Stephen LaBerge proposed two ways to prolong a lucid dream. The first technique is spinning your dream body. He proposes that when spinning you are engaging parts of your brain that may also be involved in REM activity, helping to prolong REM. The second technique is rubbing one's hands. The idea behind rubbing your hands is that you are engaging your brain in producing the sensation, preventing the sensation of lying in bed from creeping into awareness. LaBerge tested his hypothesis by asking 34 volunteers to either spin,rub their hands, or go with the flow while lucid dreaming. Results showed 90% of dreams were prolonged by hand rubbing, and 96% prolonged by spinning. Only 33% of lucid dreams were prolonged by going with the flow (doing nothing)

Coming Home

To end my astral projections / out of body experiences I close my eyes and again resume the deep breathing. I usually use the reverse of the Chakra meditation. Closing the door of my 3rd eye. Then becoming aware of sensations from my head odwn to my feet. Send out all your senses to once again connect with your howm and physical body.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Tommorow on KickbuttMama is in Charge

  • Celtic Pantheon - who did what
  • Teaching the Seasons to young children
  • Spell of the Day
  • Astral Projection


Shannon's Love Spell!

All love magick should be cast in the circle withthe quarters called & deity invoked. You should try to wait for the next new moon as well.

On a piece of paper - write all the attributes you are most attracted to and that you want your mate to have. Roll up the piece of paper into a tube.
Take an orange and cut it in half. Use a spoon to cut out he pulp. Fill the orange 3/4 of the way with water. Crush an asprin and sprinkle it in the water. Sprinkle an Allspice in the water. Let A rose petal float on the top of the water. Spray a little perfume onto a Red and Pink candles. Light the candles and say:
"Love enters this place"
Place both hands over the orange, say:
"From the sun, love will come; From the Moon, love's sweet tune; From Mercury, thoughts of clarity; From Venus, honestey; From Mars, passion be; From Jupiter, faith to love; From Saturn, wisdom from above; Force and form at my comand fulfill my will as I demand. So mote it Be!"
Pick up the rolled up paper. Close your eyes and center yourself - clear out all the clutter from your mind. Take three deep breathes. Visualize/feel his arms surrounding you and try to feel how you would feel when that occurs and say:
"Vortex of energy, as I will,so mote it be. Love will find a pathway and quickly come to me."

Set one end of the paper a flame with the red, one with the pink candles. Drop into a fireproof bowl and let burn completely. Visualizing all the things you wrote on it again. Once embers have cooled completely - close the circle and scatter the ashes to the winds to find your love!!



3 parts Frankincense2 parts Sandalwood1 part Benzoin1 part Cinnamona few drops Patchouly oilBurn during spring and summer Sabbat rituals.

2 cups milk1 cup unsprayed marigold petals1/4 tsp. salt3 tbsp. sugar1 to 2-inch piece vanilla bean3 egg yolks, slightly beaten1/8 tsp. allspice1/8 tsp. nutmeg1/2 tsp. rose waterWhipped creamUsing a clean mortar and pestle reserved for cooking purposes,pound marigold petals. Or, crush with a spoon. Mix the salt, sugarand spices together. Scald milk with the marigolds and the vanillabean. Remove the vanilla bean and add the slightly beaten yolks anddry ingredients. Cook on low heat. When the mixture coats a spoon,add rose water and cool.Top with whipped cream, garnish with fresh marigold petals.

1 quart water, preferably spring water1 cup honey1 sliced lemon1/2 tsp. nutmegBoil together all ingredients in a non-metallic pot. Whileboiling, scrape off the rising "scum" with a wooden spoon. When nomore rises add the following:pinch saltjuice of 1/2 lemonStrain and cool. Drink in place of alcoholic mead or wine duringthe Simple Feast.


Ideas for your Beltane Ritual:

  • Erect your own May Pole using a Christmas tree stand and a large pole. Decorate with multi-colored ribbons.
  • Hang Prayer ribbons on trees and bushes on your property.
  • Sew ribbons onto a white handkerchief, then empower each ribbon with a different goal or wish. Keep the kerchief safe until the wishes are granted.
  • Collect morning dew for magickal use as holy water.
  • Hang a branch of Rowan tied with red thread above your doors for protection.
  • Add spells of self-esteem and self-love to your ritual.
  • Bless your garden or the nearest feild.
  • Beltane is done when the sun is 'earthy', fixed in the sign of Taurus. Any magick done now will last (and work hard) a long time. This is an excellent time of the year for prosperity work, adding stability to your lifestyle, and making those repairs around the home.

Shannon's Solitary Beltaine Ritual (derived from Silver RavenWolf's May Day Ritual in Solitary Witch & A Solitary Ritual for One from Rae Beth's 'The Wiccan Path')
Prior to this rite you should have made ready a wooden wand. This should be a branch from an Oak or Hazel tree. Remember, do not take the wood from a living tree! The wood can be cut into the rough shape of a phallus in which case it should be of the appropriate size and shape. On the other hand, a simple branch, peeled of its bark, and about 13 inches long and half an inch thick is also acceptable. Place the wand upon your alter within the Circle. Prepare a dish of earth and place it upon the alter beside the wand, a bowl of water, a candle and I use incense round out the representations of the elements should also be placed on the south side of your altar.
A broom not made of metal(leaning against the side of your altar). Altar and setup (a representation of the elements - earth, air, fire, water & illuminator candles). Tools such as an athame or wand. Candles or otehr representations positioned at the 4 quarters (east, south, west, north - use a compass for accuracy) - colors are your choice. Additional supplies will depend on the amount of time you have and any personal spells you want to perform. Your communion vessels, any seasonal items and your Book of Shadows.

Step One: Take the broom and sweep the entire area with a broom working in east to west strokes. (banishing negativity) Cleanse the area by walking each element around your soon-to-be circle in a clock-wise direction saying:
"Element of (name element). In the name of (deity), I cast out all unclean energies, real or imagined. May this area be blessed in the name of (deity), and be filled with the energies of love, joy and truth."
Step Two: Altar blessing & Empowerment: Pass each of the representations of the elements over your altar 3 times in a clockwise direction. {visualize that you are stirring up positive energies into action and blocking out negativity} Once the third pass is complete place the incense on the east side, candle on the south side, bowl of water ion the west side, and earth (or salt) on the north side of your altar. Dab a scented oil on each corner as well, then dab the center of the altar saying:
"I bless and consecrate thee, O sacred altar, in the name of Spirit (or your deity). May you repel negative energy and collect positive enery from this day forward until the end of time. So mote it be."
Draw an equal armed cross in the air over the altar. Tap the altar 4 time, one for each direction and say:
"As above, so below. This altar is sealed. So mote it be!"
--Note if you have previously blessed and consecrated your altar..pass the representative of each element over the altar intoning a personal blessing, then tap the altar 5 times -- one for each element and once for Spirit.
Step Three: Light your illuminator candles on your altar.
Step Four: Cast Your Magick Circle - walk the circle in a clockwise direction (anywhere from 1 to 3 rotations).Saying the following Sabbat Circlecasting:
*start by standing in front of your altar and say:
"tides of the season, ebb and flow"
(tap altar once - state the name of the Holiday energy to be invoked)
"From spring's first light to autumn's glow"
(Hold hands over the altar.)
"Doesil around from birth to death"
(begin in the north and begin making yuor rounds around circle)
"Legends, myths and love connect."
(you should be back at the notrh)
"Solar fire, sun's bright burning"
(Lift red fire candle from the altar and look skyward)
"Purify the Great Wheel turning"
(return candle to altar)
"Winds of the North to carry the flame"
(Begin walking north to east)
"The mists of eons, call thy name. Beltaine."
"East and South, the West inspire"
(pause as you state each of the directions)
"Enjoy the spirals even higher!"
(back at the north)
"The circle rises and marks rebirth"
(Begin the third pass of the circle)
"As seasons change and kiss the earth."
(back at the north)
"From seed and plough to harvest home."
(Hold hands over the altar again.)
"To starry vault and standing stone."
(At north point to the sky.)
"This Sabbat circle, thrice around."
(visualize the bubble sealing as your circle)
"I seal thee now from sky to ground!"
(bring your arm down and stomp your foot.)
Step Five: Light each of the quarter candles, calling the quarters. {remember to visualize an opening in your bubble for the quarters to enter}
"Winds of Beltaine's Fire(direction), attend, acknowledge, and proclaim!"
(once back at the altar raise arms,
"Winds of Beltaine's Fire Spirit, fill this circle with thy love and protection!"
Step Six: Charge of the Goddess. Ground and center yourself again in front of your altar. Raise your arms to the heavens in the traditional Goddess pose.
"Listen to the words of the Great Mother, who was of old, called against men, Artemis, Astarte, Dione, Melusine, Aphrodite, Cerridwen, Diana, Arionhod, Bride, and by many other names...."
"At mine Altar, the youths of Lacedemon in Sparta made due sacrifice. Whenever ye have need of anything, once in the month and better it be when the Moon is Full, then shall ye assemble in some secret place and adore the Spirit of Me, who am Queen of all the Witcheries. THere shall ye assemble, who are feign to learn all the sorceies who hav not as yet won my depest secrets. To these will I teach that which is yet unknown. And ye shall be free from all slavery and as a sign that ye be really free, ye shall sing, feast, and make music, all in my presence. For mine is the escasy of the Spirit and mine is also the joy on earth. For m Law is love unto all beings. Keep pure your highest ideals, strive ever towards them. Let none stopyou or turn you aside. For mine is teh secret that opens upon the door of youth and mine is the Cup and the Wine of Life and the Cauldron of Cerridwen, which is the Holy Grain of Immortality. I am the Gracious Goddess who gives the gift of joy unto the heart of man upon the earth. I give the knowledge of the Spirit Eternal, and beyond death I give peace and freedom and reunion with those that have gone before. Nor do I demand aught or sacrifice, for behold I am the Mother of all things, and my love is poured out upon the earth."
Step Seven: Beltaine Invocation - light a small candle say:
" I light this candle to the Sun"
(hold the candle up to the east)
"Out of the east the sun wells and whitens, the darknesstrembles into light, and the stars are extinguished like the lamps of a human city. THe whitness brightens into silver, the silver warms into gold, the gold kindles into pure and living fire, and the face of the east is covered with teh elemental scarlet. The day draws its first breath, steady and chill and for leagues around, the woods and valleys sigh and shiver. From every side the shadows will leap from their ambush and fall prone. The day of prosperity has come! This I give thee, O Sacred Fire, so that I and my family shall be spared from evil."
Place the candle in the cauldron.Walk around the cauldron three times, then chant the following invocation:
"Beltane! I dance with delight on Beltane's night. All senses freeing, I dance for being. The flower and the flame of love's own riteshall blossom. Sunembrace Earth, bright."
note: This is the Beltane fire, our modern substitute for the hilltop bonfires of our ancestors. The Bel fire is an invocation to the Sun God to bring blessing and protection for the coming year. This is sacred fire with healing and purifying properties. As you light the candle, be aware of its power and significance.
Step Eight: Blessings & Wishes:
Earth - Now take up a dish of earth. Bless it in the name of the Goddess. Lay your hands upon it and say:
"I bless, consecrate, and set apart this earth, in the name of the Triple Goddess. May this be sacred earth, set apart for magic. For earth is of the Goddess, being her sacred body."
Remember that the Goddess is not only of the Moon, but of the Earth and of the farthest stars. She is the Triple Goddess of the Circle of Rebirth, the Mother of All Life. Decorate the dish of earth with flowers.
Wands - take a wooden wand and oil it with vegetable oil.
" I bless it in the name of the Lord of the Day, the youthful, ardent one, the Lord of Life, the God of the greenwood."
Pass it swiftly through the candle flame, the Bel fire, so that it becomes magically imbued, 'charged', with power. Place the wand upon the dish of earth, saying as you hold it there:
"As the wand is to the earth,so the male is to the femaleand the Sun to our blossoming world.Joined, they bring happiness. May the God of Life give ___ {something you want, for example, peace on Earth} May the Goddess bring it forth!"
Sit quietly for a while, and picture the blossoming of what you have desired in life. The spells and invocations of all of us, all working on themes like these, must eventually bear fruit, because life is on the side of peace. Leave the earth and wand upon the alter.
Step Nine: Spiraling Peacefully. Walk deosil three times around the circle, then spiral into the center. Go evenly, with grace, meditatively. Sit beside the candle flame (bale fire), allowing yourself to feel peaceful. Gaze into the flame. The next part is different depending on whether you are man or woman.
*For a Woman: visualize a red rosebud in your womb. Always your womb is the source of your creative power, whether you are pregnant with a child, an idea, a work of art or an intention. Close your eyes and picture the light from the candle streaming into your womb so that the rosebud blooms, unfolds. Hold the image for a while, feeling the silkiness, smelling the scent, the freshness, seeing the color of the fully open rose within you. Feel the strength and power of your own fully blossomed capabilities. Say:
"I am woman,strong to conceive and to create,to give birth and to tend.As I am daughter of the Goddess,and blessed by the God, may I ___"
{here name what you wish to bring forth in life. For example bring healing to others or write my book whatever matters to you}
**Do not perform the petal opening visualization if you are pregnant - your body may treat the petal as the cervex and try to open.
Feel the strength and creative force within your womb, the center of your being. See the power being channeled, flowing into the desire you have just voiced. Open your eyes. Always, the rose is within you.
*For a Man: Visualize a bright flame. This burns within your sexual center, a point at the base of the stomach, just above the pubic hairline. It is your own male strength and energy which may rise through your body to be released as giving, fertilizing power, in any form, or may be the potency which impregnates, creating a physical child. It is the force which blesses and bestows, a healing and creative energy, like the shining Sun. Visualize also that you are sitting in a garden and that a rose tree is in front of you, the roses in bud. Say:
"I am man,and in my passion is beauty,in my warmth is life.As I am son of the Goddess,and blessed by the God,I offer my strength and vitality to ____ "
{name the area of life, the place, activity, or committment you choose}

Visualize the light streaming from you to a rose upon the tree causing it to unfold, to blossom. Your flame is lowered by this effort. Much has gone out of you, the flame sinks down. Wait and watch, until a pink light streams from the rose towards your body. At its touch, just above the pubic hairline the flame resurges. It burns highter and stronger than before. Open your eyes. The flame is always within you.
Step Ten: Perform any spells or additional rituals / meditations you would like.
Step Eleven: Take Communion - Hold hands over cup {visualize the energy of the sun feeding the vine growing into a berry, etc} and say:
"From the sun to the vine from the vine to the berry from the berry tot eh wine this brew is blessed in the sacred names of our Lord and Lady. So mote it be."
Lower the athame into the cup and say:
"As the rod is to the God so the chalice is to the Goddess and together they are one!"
{Visualize divine energy pulsating from the blade into the cup, and the entire cup filling up with white light.}
Take a drink from the cup visualizing the divine energy entering your body and pushing out any negativity. When finished (do not drink all) say:
"May you never thirst."
Next hold your hands over the cakes and say:
"From the moon to the stalk from the stalk to the grain from the grain to the bread this bread is blessed in the sacred names of our Lord and Lady. So mote it be!"
Take a bite of the cake (or eat almost all of it), when finished say:
"May you never hunger."
**After ritual is complete pour remaining libations outside.
Step Twelve: Perform offering to the gods. This is the fire offering:
"Upon the wings of fiery flame I give this offering in Goddess' name."
Step Thirteen: Thank and release the quarters (begin in the west if you started in the north and move winddershins-counterclockwise).
"Winds of the Spirit of Beltane's Fire, blessings upon you. I release thee upon thy way till next we meet again! Winds of the Beltane's West, blessings upon you! I release thee upon thy way till next we meet again!" (repeat for the South, East & North)
Step Fourteen: Release the magick circle (1 rotation counter clockwise)
"O Great Circle of Sabbat Art, attend me no more this day but be released into (usually your athane, rod or wand)."
Step Fifteen: Seal the altar energies by tapping once on the altar and extinguishing illuminator candles.
Step Sixteen: Clean up and offer libations bowl out of doors