Thursday, April 19, 2007

Spell / Ritual Preparation

Circle Casting / Quarter Calling / Invoking Deity
Casting the Circle: Stand at your altar (or the North point of your circle. Ground & center- take 3 deep breaths to relax and clear your mind. Using your forefinger of your right hand (or a magickal tool such as a wand or athame) pointed toward the ground at the center of your area, begin walking the circle in a clock-wise ( called deosil) fashion. You will walk the circle 1 to 3 times while reciting a verval invocation**. Visualize the circle as a bubble becoming a hardened shell to prevent negative energies from entering with each pass. Once the passes are complete and you are back where you started say;
"As above, so below -- this circle is sealed. So mote it be!"
Stomp your foot to indicate the seal has been activated.
Releasing the Circle: Once all magickal practices are complete. Walk the circle 1 time in a counter clockwise (widdershins) fashion. Visualize drawing all excess energy into a tool or your hands. Some will also pass the energy into their altar. Oncethe circle has been walked one time say: "The circle is open, but never broken. Meery meet and merry part until we merry meet again. So mote it be!"
Again stomp your foot one time to indicate the circle is now open.
The Triple Circlecasting invocation by: Lady MorningStar(Recite as you walk the first time around your circle)"In this place, this circle roundI consencrate the sacred groundwith golden light this place surroundall power here contained and bound."(Recite as you walk the second time)"From earth, the things that manifestfrom air, the things of mindfrom fire, the things that motivatefrom water, the souls refined."(Recite as you walk the third time)"And yet no place and time there bebetween the worlds, my word and mewelcome, Ancient Ones, and seethis place is sealed, So mote it be!"
Calling the Quarters: Although quarter calls can have a variety of connotations, they are basically linked to the 4 directions and 4 elements. The following is completed after the circle has been cast. You start at the North is you are practicing more traditional Wicca or the East for a more ceremonial flavor. You are essentially opening a door in your circle to allow this specific energy into it. For a smoother transition of energy, stand facing the direction, with the center of your circle at your back. Place your feet apart and cross your arms over your chest, and bow your head - this is the "God" Position. As you say your quarter call slowly raise your head and open your arms overhead into a Y (the "Goddess"Position). Visualize a portal opening through which what you have called can enter - nothing else will be able to) - visualize your concept of the 4 elements entering your circle. Standard colors for the Quarters: Green=North, Yellow=East, Red=South, Blue=West.
Stand at the North candle/Quarter & light the candle: "Hail guardians of the north, element of earth,and all ye in the realm of Faery; I, (say your name),do summon, stir, and call you forth towitness this rite and protect this sacred space.So mote it be."
Stand at the East candle/Quarter & light the candle: "Hail guardians of the East, element of air,and all ye in the realm of Faery, I, (say your name), do summon, stir, and call you forth to witness this rite and protect this sacred space. So mote it be!"
Stand at the South candle/Quarter & light the candle:"Hail guardians of the south, element of fire, and all ye in the land of Faery; I, (say your name) do summon, stir and call you forth to witness this rite and protect this sacred space. So mote it be."
Stand at the West candle/Quarter & light the candle: "Hail guardians of the west, element of water, and all ye in the land of Faery; I, (say your name), do summon, stir and call you forth to witness this rite and protect this sacred space. So mote it be."
Closing the Quarters: Once you are finished with your magick/ritual, before opening your circle, this is essentially the reverse of the above process. Start with your arms in the Goddess position visualizing a portal for the energy to leave your circle slowly releasing into a God pose as you again seal the portal. Start your releasing at the last Quarter you called and work in a counter-clockwise manner.This is the standard Quarter Release to match the above Calling - you can also find specific types of quarter calls - angelic, dagon, etc) and the release that matches it.Start at hte West and work your way in reverse to the North."Guardians of the (direction), element of (element), thank you for participating in my circle this night / day. Go if you must, stay if you like. Hail and farewell."
Invoking Deity: This is to call a deity into your body to help focus your power and lend her own to whatever working you are doing. When celebrating a Sabbat (holiday) I use a much longer and more specific invocation
"I call the down, O my great Queen (name of Goddess) to enter my body and commune with my spirit. Be with me now as I fulfill my destiny and work magick in accordance with your will. So mote it be."

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