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Lets face it, many of us are balancing on the high-wire of life with many different plates in hand. We struggle and strive not to drop a single plate - a bring ourselves to the poing of panic trying to keep everything going. Many of us stress while learning to search our 'souls' for the correct path of religion as well. Many of us were brought - up in less than supportive household - more a believe what we believe or you won't fit in. This is what I was raised in as well. Still, most of my extended family are a part of an extrememly right-wing Christian religion that was more akin to a cult than a supportive religion. The have never understood my connection to nature and refuse to believe I'm not worshiping satan. So it can be unsettling to those of us balancing many things on that high-wire to deal with outside sources of stress - but I think even worse is our natural ability to bury ourselves in stress and worry. Worrry of thingsthat might never come to pass, I might add. So, what to do to decrease stresses. Here are a list of spells I have found effective:
Celtic: A May Day Spell to incite the luck of the Gods for love & good feelings
Celebratingthe merry month of May is widespread throughout the world. May takes its name from Maia Majestas, the goddess of spring. The erection of a sacred tree or maypole echoed ancient tree worship. On May Day Eve many young couples would leap between the Bal Fires before spending the night in the woods to ensure fertility. The blooming of the hawthorn marked the transition from winter to summer, and May 1st was the only day when hawthorn could be taken into the home, in honor of the spring goddess; this sacred tree could only be cut for such an important purpose. {Book of Spells By: Nichola de Pulford}
SUPPLIES: A few sprigs of hawthorn, a little milk, a white candle, Juniper & Frankincense oils & an oil burner.
METHOD: On May 1st, find a hawthorn tree and take a few sprays (Thank the tree for its assistance on this special day) Pour a little milk at the base of the tree to thank the spirits. Sit with the tree for as long as you can, holding the sprays in your hands, and become one with the life surrounding you. Once home, light the candle and burn the oils, sprinkling a few hawthorn leaves on them. Carry the burner through your home &/or around the outside; concentrate on bringing down he energy from the sun and returning it again in the never-ending Circle of Life. Hang the hawthorn spray over your door, invoking love and good feelings to remain with you.
Druid: Look Good - Feel Good - Regenerating Massage & Bath
Vervain (verbena officinalis) was one of the Druids' most sacred herbs, and was used to cleanse their altars, for divination, as amulets, and for most of their immportant spells. It was also mentioned in the witch trials, where it was though to make the wearer invisible and able to fly. This spell will raise your spirits. {Book of Spells By: Nichola de Pulford}
SUPPLIES: Dried or fresh Vervail leaves; Rose otto, sandlewood and sunflower oils; 2 Blue Candles
METHOD: Gather or buy your vervain laves on the day of the full moon, then charge them with themoon's rays by facing the moon holding the leaves in your outstretched hands and say:
"Imbue my sacred herb with light, with power full both day and night."
Now the vervain is charged, you may keep it to use whenever you wish. Before the massage, put the vervain leaves in boiling water and leave to infuse for 10 minutes. Meanwhile dilute 2 drops of the Rose otto oil and 5 drops of sandlewood oil into a 1 oz (25 ml) bottle of sunflower oil. Strain the infusion of vervain. add it to your bathwater. and soak for at least 10 minutes to gain the full effect. In a warm room lit by the blue candles, massage yourself with the oil (or you can have a significant other do it) - start with your feet and ankles and work up your body. Finish by covering your eyes with your hand and breathing deeply for a few minutes.
NOTE: I haveals just added 2 drops of the Rose Oil, 5 drops of the sandlewood oil and 1 oz of Sunflower oil to my bath, along with the infusion and just soaked it up. In a bathroom lit by blue candles, it can be extremely relaxing - I try to clear my mind and visualize a most peaceful setting.
Native American: Walking the Good Red Road
According to Native American beliefs, we are spiritual beings on a human journey, part of the 'one great spirit'. Our bodies are shells that will, like all living things, return to Mother Earth when we die, but our spirits will return to the whole spirit- the unseen world. Many of us live in cities with little or no contact with Mother Earth; we no longer walk with nature, in the embracing Circle of life. This ritual will restore your spiritual balance. THe colors represent the races of humanity and the 4 Quarters of the Circle of Life. {Book of Spells By: Nichola de Pulford}
SUPPLIES: A feather;a long red ribbon; Red, black, yellow and white beans
METHOD: Find a place you can be alone with the natural world. (A park your back yard, etc. - personally I like a forest, but that's my Druidry speaking :D) Imagine you are walking through a door, leaving your everyday life behind. Walk in a clockwise direction until you feel a desire to stop; place your feather on this spot. Continue to walk; if this spot calls you again this is "your place". If it doesn't, repeat the process until you find the spot where the 'energies' call to you most. Arrange the ribbon in a large circle with the feather at he center. Place some colored beans in each quarter of your circle. Pick upthe feather and sit in its place. Look around you and drink in the spirit of Your Place. Open all your senses and breathe the air common to all living things, like aweb, it connects you to them. Feel the breeze on your face, the feather is in your hand, and become in balance - your body, mind and soul in harmony with nature. Keep the beans, ribbon adn feather in a safe place and repeat ritual as often as necessary.

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