Saturday, April 21, 2007

Celtic Pantheon

Dagda: Father God (the good God)

Danu (Anu) / Don: Mother Goddess

Abarta: Earrior energy (Irish)

Aine: Goddess of love & Fertility (Irish)

Amaethon: God of agriculture (Welsh)

Aonghus: God of love (Irish)

Badb: Goddess of battle - 1 of the 3 faces of Morrigan (Irish)

Belenus: Sun God (Welsh/Irish)

Bran: God of sea voyages

Bran the Blessed: God of the underworld (British)

Brigantia: Goddess of water, war, healing & prosperity

Brigid: Goddess of healing, fertility, poetry & the forge (Irish)

Ceridwen: Goddess of fertility (Welsh)

Dian Cecht: God of healing (Welsh)

Dylan: God of the sea (Welsh)

Epona: Goddess of sweet water, fertility & horses (Welsh)

Lir: God of the sea (Irish)

Lugh: God of the sun (Irish)

Macha: Gddess of war - 1 of the 3 faces of Morrigan (Irish)

Morrigan: Goddess of war, original goddess of the earth and agriculture

Nemain: Goddess of war (Irish)

Nodens: God of healing (British)

Nuada: God of valor

Ogma: God of eloquence (British)

Rhiannon: Goddess of suffering & patience (Welsh)

Scathach: Goddess of the martial arts & Warrior princess of the land of shadows

Taliesin: Prophet & bard (welsh)

Tuatha de Danann: People of the Goddess Danu

I will give more of this list as well as analize the stories behind each of the Gods each day in my blog.

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