Saturday, April 21, 2007


MARS: The all powerful ~ Calling upon Mars, the planet of courage, to help overcome personal obstacles.

In Roman mythology, the planet Mars was associated with war, and thus great strength and courage was associated with this planet. This spell calls upon these traits for help in overcoming personal obstacles, and can be used to end conflict or to provide physical endurance.

SUPPLIES: Scarlet Felt, Red sewing thread and a needle, 5 small iron nails, 2 red candles, your favorite incense (with burner of course), a pinch of tobacco.

METHOD: Cast your circle, call the quarters - Invoke Mars (below). Using the felt and thread, sew together a bag strong enough to hold the nails. On a Tuesday (the day sacred to Mars), stand 2 un-lit candles side by side. Burn your incense along with a pinch of tobacco (the plant sacred to mars). Pass the nails one by one through the smoke and say:
"Lord of Iron, strength of steel, let your force my conflict heal".
Place the nails in the bag and sew it shut. Light the left hand candle and say:
"Mars, empower me with your light, keep my courage shining bright, that I may attain my right."
Visualize strength, courage and empowerment filling you with the words. Light the right candle and say:
"Mars, defend me with your might, give mental strength in any fight, that I fear naught by day or night. So mote it be!"
Thank Mars, and the quarters, close your circle and hide the bag of nails for 5 weeks. Your courage will keep you strong!

Mars Invocation:
State the purpose of your working and say:

"Mighty Mars of iron will, ferocious force of action and leader of passion, who empowers Earth with vitality and courage, who brings change inmovement, seed this working with your unendingstrength and sheild my enchantments from pryingeye. Wolven howl of transformation, ruler ofAries, exalted in Capricorn, element of Fire,energize this working!"

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