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This was created by Silver RavenWolf to be used to protect service men/women in times of war. The Himmelsbrief is a type of letter or testament carried on a person or hung in the house to protect against evil people or deeds. This is also know as a "Letter of Protection". In 1918 Pennsylvania Germans issued a "Letter of Protection" for their Nation Guards being shipped off to WWI.

* Write the Himmelsbrief on a piece of paper (see end of post)* Write the persons name across the top of the page.
* Either copy/scan a picture of the person onto the back of the paper or attact a picture of the person onto the back of the page.
* Add any symbols or oghams onto the front of the page.* Place page on altar - cast circle, call the quarters invoke diety -(I would invoke Morrigan - Goddess of war or Abarta - warrior energy or Scathach - Warrior Princess, Goddess of Martial Arts)
* Carry the page to the paper to each of the 4 quarters asking each quarter energy for divine protection for this person. (Start with the North)
* Call down the Lord & Lady (or your idea of Spirit, or your invoked deity) and ask for blessings and protection for the individual listed onthe paper.
* Repeat teh prayer on the paper 3 times with the person's full name each time.
* Hold your hands over the paper and allow protective energy from the divine to flow through your fingertips. Envision the paper & picture filled with a glaring white light. Hold this visualization as long as possible.
* Hold the paper & picture close to your eyes. See the paper on your loved one. Se teh paper as a sheild tht grows and covers them. Hold this visualization as longas possible. Finish by saying: "I know you will do this for me, so mote it be."
* Draw an equal armed cross over the picture to seal the work.
* Thank deity & quarters
* Release deity, close the quarters. Release the circle.
* Send the paper to your loved one to keep on their person at all times. (NOTE: You can reduce the size on a copy machine and laminate it - If you used a separate photo - frame it and place it on your altar until your loved one comes home.)

Note - I also consecrated a Blue/Black candle in this ceremony (blue black is for angelic protection) and envisioned all that divine protection soaking into the candle and I burn it daily - each time I burn it I envision the strength of the Himmelsbrief strengthening..
In the names of the Lord & Lady
Whoever beareth this letter upon the self
shall not dread the enemy,nor be overcome,
nor suffer injury,nor misfortune, nor fear flood,
fire, weapons, chemicals, poison,
nor be affected in any way by self same,
nor be captured, face torture,nor fear
weather nor war,nor suffer mental anguish.
Whoever beareth this letter will be filled
with strength, mental acuity,protection,
and love. They shall sense unseen dangers and
respond accordingly.They shall persevere
where others fall. They shall return home
victorious andlive a full and active life.
So mote it be!!

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