Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Morning Everyone!!! we are on this blogging business. I'm working to homeschool my boys / be a mentor to many new to Paganism / Grow in my own path of Paganism / Work on writing my first novel / Work with training people with medical conditions & joint issues to help improve their quality of life...etc. I can't believe there are only 24 hours in a day, although I guess it's a good thing that I only sleep a few hours each night.

Last night was the new moon. I'm mad at myself for not performing a longer ritual (especially since I've spent like the last 3 days preparing other's for their rituals). I'm glad I did do a meditation and I grounded and centered.....but it crapped off affter that. This seems to happen to me on many Esbats. I spend much energy getting everyone else revved to perform their rituals then have little left over for me.

It doesn't help that it has rained for the last 4 days. Ugh! I can't take this constant crappiness. I would swear I'm an un-diagnosed seasonal affective. I used to love the rain...curling up under a fleece blanket with a good book next to an open window. I still like to do that - whenever it rains I do it for a few minutes...but the rain makes all my aches hurt that much worse....which makes it very hard for me to focus on anything else.

I've been informally homeschooling my 5 & 3 y/o's since just about day 1. They are both pretty comfortable with sign language. THey have been learningn French and Spanish (even though I haven't spoken those languages in years) and they are learning Latin (even though I have to learn right along with them). My 5 y/o LOVES to learn..he's a sponge...if you're attention is focused directly on him for the learning. Damn Leo - has to be the center of attention. So, he has a hard time completing an assignment if I'm working with his brother. It's a little frustrating. He's even gone so far as to act stupid (I don't know how to hold a pencil, don't know my letters, etc - even though he's learned to read a bit and can write really well..Aaargh!). My 3 y/o doesn't seem to really have any desire to learn. He gets bored much faster than my older son.

I also had to train my 4 contestants in "The Biggest Loser" since our gym is a part of the national program. They are doing great - although there is 1 that has yet to implement any of the advice I give. That's really frustrating - since it takes me hours to plan out their weekly workouts and find articles that will help keep them motivated. TO have one go a whole week without working on their own? Makes me want to screem. Especially since most of my other regular clients have been injured in some way. About 90 % have some kind of medical limitation. They would love to have the movement abilities to perform a competition like TBL.

Today I'm running a Boot Camp (a 90 minute super hard circuit training) and I'm totally sore from yesturday. *sigh*. My morning client just cancelled due to flooding. I also have to research Beltane rituals for my CafeMom 'All Things Pagan' group. I'm also hoping I can work on my book
a bit today. Not to forget teaching the boys and all. Time to put on the coffee pot and kick some butt!!

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