Friday, April 27, 2007

Colors and their Magickal Associations

The following is a list of colors and their magickal associations. You can use it when decorating the house - choosing candles - etc.

White: The godess, ancient mother, purity, spirituality, devotional magicks, general prayers, illumination, cycle of life, good will, initiation, freedom, love, health, to symbolize a person/place/thing.
Black: Return energy to sender, divination, protection, dark goddesses, time, chaos, first stages of magickal workings, North, winter, rebirth, wisdom, #8, infinity, destroy bad habits, rest, - FOLLOW THE BURNING OF A BLACK CANDLE WITH THE BURNING OF AWHITE, use sparingly to balance.
Blue-Black: Wounded pride, to knit broken bones, angelic protection
Violet: Peace, serenity, dreaming magicks, invoke Spirit in charitable works.
Blue: Truth, intelligence, wisdom, loyalty, fidelity, peace, meditation, water, Great Mother, infinity, poetry, faith, planet Venus, defeating an enemy, protect hearth/home/yound. Use w/ White to create confusion amoung evil.
Green: Healing, the Green Man, god/desses of vegetation & forests, youth, hope, happiness, new beginings, improve weather, financial gains (w/ Gold & Silver) agricultural magicks, abundance, prosperity, immortality, spring, the planets Venus & Mercury.
Yellow: Healing, energy of the sun, prosperity, self-esteem, intellect, beauty, light, life, truth, prosperity, attraction.
Orange: Opportunities, the ability to overcome challenges, break blocks, material gains, seal a spell, happiness, luxury, remove feelings of abandonment.
Red: Action, passion, deep affection, courage, fire, masculine principle, festivity, strength, faith, life renewal, joy, summer, active leadership, expansion, the planet Mars.
Pink: Friendship & harmony
Silver: Fast money, moon magick, the Charge of the Goddess, reality, connection to Spirit, astral travel, freedom, destroy illusions, restory balance, endurance, star magick, meditation, peace, personal illumination
Grey: Stabilize a disturbed personality, slow down a reckless person or situation, use in some glamouries.
Brown/Bronze: Soothe emotional upsets, security, spport, friendship, and nature magicks.

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