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Power Expansion
Solitary Power Exercise - Silvers Secret
Based on ritual by: Silver RavenWolf (Referenced in Solitary Witch p. 112)
The following exercise can be used in any ritual, spell, or in daily life. It is an exercise of the mind that, once practiced, will bring you health, happiness and prosperity -- but you must BELIEVE it. [You can also use this exercise to improve your psychic focus, increase your empathy, your inner sight, etc.]Make the name your own - ie. Shannon's Secret, Beb's Secret, etc. [It can also be your magickal name, for instance mine would be RedWolf's Secret.] A little pizzaz never hurt anybody.
ONE: Choose what you will work for. This si the planning phase. All the doubts, worries, ideas and possible solutions should be removed from your mind. The only thing left over should be your desire.
TWO: Cloe your eyes. This allows you to shut out the world around you and focus on the exercise. In time, you will be able to use your secret with your eyes open.
THREE: Take three deep breaths. This brings in more oxygen to the brain and other areas of thebody, relieves stress, urges relaxation of the muscles, and helps to put you in the "alpha" state.
FOUR: Let go of time and space. Say "Release" as you breathe out. When your eyes are closed, it is easy to forget that time and space even exist. Spirit does not need time and space to perform miricles, and neither do you when you mentally release those thoughts of restraint and tough deity energy, which is the next step. If it helps, think of opening your hands (or physically allow your hands to slowly open) while you say the word "Release".
FIVE: Touch deity energy. Say the word "Unity". In the Craft we teach that you and deity are one, and that you share creative force with every manifestation of energy in the universe. This is a given. Of course, you haveto acknowledge this fact, which isn't easy for everyone to do. When you speak the word "Unity", you are affirming that we are all one and that you have the power to become one with everything. If you don't believe this, the secret won't work. If it helps, as you say the word "Unity" think of yourself moving into your conception of god/dess --losing for a moment, your conscious thought of separateness.
SIX: Conceive the form. Visualize the thing. Say the word out loud. For instance, if you are striving for health visualize youself healthy, say the word "Heath" and surround this vision in a white light. For some, this will be the most difficult part of the exercise. You can substitute a vision of a person, place or thing with a feeling as well. Try to hold this visualization - your desire - sharply defined and encased in white light - for at least a count of five....the longer the better.
SEVEN: Accept success. This is important. If you don't mentally accept success, your "secret" will bomb. You must want it and welcome it!
EIGHT: Know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, this will be done. Suspend disbelief. This is also difficult - before performing the exercise, analyze how you feel when something is a certainty. [For instance, you love your children. You do not doubt that love. Feel the confidence and serenity associated with the lack of doubt and stipulations we place on so many things in life.] Remember, you are only having to hold this certainty (along with the visualization) for several seconds.
NINE: Reject any thoughts of failure, now and in the future. Will your mind to think of only success. Fear will ruin your ritual, spell, goal, or focused thought, whether your fear is frivolous or has logic behind it. If Spirit thinks that your request is not precisely in harmony with your life path, Spirit will accomodate your choices as long as you legitimately feel you are working in harmony with the universe and not intentionally trying to hurt others. So, if you cant trust in yourself and your desires, trust Spirit.
TEN: Keep your mouth shut. When you tell others about magick, especially those who don't believe in the process, you are allowing that persons energy to work against you - causing your subconscious buttons to be pushed, instilling that sliver of doubt which will make your goal fail.
To Dare
To Release
To Connect
To Conceive
To Accept
To Know
To Believe
To Will
To Be Silent
Essentially the Witch's Pyramid. You can even get a little creative with it. Drumming or a beat will help it become instilled in your soul - After you are grounded chant the following as you go through the steps of the above - release, conect, visualize, etc.:
One, let go!(let go, I am, conceive, accept, I know, believe!)
Two, I am!(let go, I am, conceive, accept, I know, believe!)
Three, I conceive!(let go, I am, conceive, accept, I know, believe!) Four, I accept!(let go, I am, conceive, accept, I know, believe!)
Five, I accept!(let go, I am, conceive, accept, I know, believe!)
Six, I believe!(let go, I am, conceive, accept, I know, believe!)
So mote it be!(let go, I am, conceive, accept, I know believe!)
You can drum or you can tie a not at each step: Let go! (tie the not as you chant or drum) I am (tie the not or drum), etc

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