Friday, April 27, 2007

Choosing/Using a Power/Magickal Name

What is a Power Name?
This name is a part of you - the part that calls to the power within you, the God/dess and Nature. Essentially when I say my power name it gives me direct access to my power center without having to go through the complex grounding and centering procedures - as this part of me is always connected.

How do I use my Power Name?
So prior to casting a circle or spell I close my eyes and call my power name aloud. As I do so I visualize my magickal self. This is me but the me that is pulsing with power - it can be seen in my aura, flaring with colors and life. My power self is vitually always sky-clad whereas I do not ofter practice witchcraft skyclad - except on the Sabbats. Once I've "connected" to my power self I can feel the power flowing through me - almost a tingling in my fingers and under my skin. This is me connected with the innate power within me, it is also the part of me that can most easily connect to the power of the elements and Spirit. NOTE: Some people have no problem sharing their power name with others - while others keep their power name secret, like many magickal practices - you jsut need to determine what works and feels right to you).

How do I choose a Power Name?
Like everything in Paganism, there are many different methods of determining a power name. When I was choosing my name I performed all of those listed below until I came up with a name that immediately flooded me with a sense of rightness - its a feeling hard to describe, except to say my inner self appeared to be shouting - Yes That One!!!

The top 3 I recomend are the following:
1) The number system: Look at your name - I suggest you use the name you are most comfortable being called. For instance a Robert might be more comfortable being called Bob, in which case he should use Bob. *Write you name on a piece of paper.
*Assign each letter a number. A=1, B=2,C=3, etc. So, as an example, Mary is 13, 1, 18, 25.
* Now separate all numbers into single digits. So, Mary is 1, 3, 1 , 1, 8, 2, 5
* Add those numbers together. Mary = 21
* Now you can have fun, you want to determine a name that equals that of your given name. So you can mix up the numbers thus mixing up the letters - but whatever name you make needs to equal 21. So an example ofthe Power name could be Unafea (21, 14, 1, 6, 5, 1 converts to 2+1+1+4+1+5+1 + 21). Play with it and see what you get.

2) Astrological and Magickal Associations:
Many people have a totem animal or guide and many peoples personalities can also be asociated with colors. I'm a fire sign so Red is an important color to my personality. Look at a list of animals and magical animals - you may find a totem. Also look to a list of color associations you may find one or more color that "fits" you. So if your totem animals are The Blue Jay and the Bear, your power name could be Blue BearJay or a combination there of.

3) Meditation. You can choose a guided meditation to see what you see. Making a mental note of all colors and object and animals. For instance once I received a deep level of meditation I opened my mind asking the Lord and Lady to help guide me in choosing my power name. If I had images of Wolves and Silver lightening, I could make my power name Silver LighteningWolf. (See older posts for guided meditation techniques.)

NOTE: Be careful and sure once you've chosen your power name. The core of the name cannot be changed - as least I don't recommend it. You can add to it like a woman may add her husbands last name after she is married but she keeps the main elements of her name. If you end up not liking the name you choose you won't be able to connect to the power as easily thus defeating the purpose of having Power Name.

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