Wednesday, April 18, 2007



This spell is designed to help you focus - to clear you mind. SO, if you have a project, problem, or difficulty..but you cant cut through the drama to focus on what the solution might be....try this procedure.

SUPPLIES: 1/2 oz of un-popped popcorn kernels/ beads / dried beans / or a collection of seeds (your choice); one plastic or glass spice jar with smooth sides; 1/4 tsp mint (dried).

INSTRUCTIONS: Cast your circle, call the quarters and invoke deity. Cleanse & empower all supplies. Pour mint & kernals into jar. Hold hands over jar - Ground & Center. Visualize the Jar filling with pure, white light. Cap the jar tightly. Thank Deity; Thank & Dismiss Quarters, close circle.

USAGE: When ready to use. Sit in a comfortable chair with feet flat on the flor. Take 3 deep/cleansing breathes. Ground & center. Smoothly roll the jar back & forth between our palms, allow your mind to drift to the clanking of the beads.

Chant: "The magick is the Witch, the Witch is the magick, I am the Witch. I rist above my problems, and my problems dissolve."
**note: use your "magick voice" - deep in your throat using little air

The more ou practice with the rattle the better yo'll get at clearing the clutter of an issue out of your mind.


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