Friday, April 20, 2007


Shannon's Love Spell!

All love magick should be cast in the circle withthe quarters called & deity invoked. You should try to wait for the next new moon as well.

On a piece of paper - write all the attributes you are most attracted to and that you want your mate to have. Roll up the piece of paper into a tube.
Take an orange and cut it in half. Use a spoon to cut out he pulp. Fill the orange 3/4 of the way with water. Crush an asprin and sprinkle it in the water. Sprinkle an Allspice in the water. Let A rose petal float on the top of the water. Spray a little perfume onto a Red and Pink candles. Light the candles and say:
"Love enters this place"
Place both hands over the orange, say:
"From the sun, love will come; From the Moon, love's sweet tune; From Mercury, thoughts of clarity; From Venus, honestey; From Mars, passion be; From Jupiter, faith to love; From Saturn, wisdom from above; Force and form at my comand fulfill my will as I demand. So mote it Be!"
Pick up the rolled up paper. Close your eyes and center yourself - clear out all the clutter from your mind. Take three deep breathes. Visualize/feel his arms surrounding you and try to feel how you would feel when that occurs and say:
"Vortex of energy, as I will,so mote it be. Love will find a pathway and quickly come to me."

Set one end of the paper a flame with the red, one with the pink candles. Drop into a fireproof bowl and let burn completely. Visualizing all the things you wrote on it again. Once embers have cooled completely - close the circle and scatter the ashes to the winds to find your love!!

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