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My Esbat RItual

Esbat Ritual
Celebrating The Full Moon

  • Before starting my ritual I take a shower visualizing sloughing off all the negative energies while saying:
By the silver light of Lady Moon,
By my heart and hands and mind,
By all that's holy, true and strong,
I am cleansed to pure.
May both my hands do good works to honor the Gods
My feet walk the honored path,
My mind stay clear and sharp,and my Heart free from negativity.
As I take this sacred cleansing.
As I am a tool for Brigid,
I am now free from all unworthy influences.
I am now fit to meet greet and be blessed by the Goddess.
As I was in my first moments of my first life,
I am now and always will be,
So mote it be!

I stand outside or in the light of a window for the actual ritual.

Supplies: Moon Candle (unscented white pillar, etched with astrological and elemental symbols), my normal tools. My altar. Quarter candles and Elemental Representations.


  • I light my illuminator candle on my altar.
  • Standing in the light of the Full Moon, I close my eyes feeling the Moon's rays soaking into me. I ground and center - aligning myself with the Earth and Moon. I clear my mind of daily stresses and just take a moment to enjoy the beauty of existance.
  • Cleansing & Consecrating my Tools: I place all my tools for ritual on my altar then hover my hands over all of them. I visualize the power of the moon, Goddess and myself causing the negative energies to turn to steam and dissapate into the atmosphere as I say:

By the silvery power of the Moon, My connection to Mother Brigid. I cast my power over these sacred items. No negativity may touch them. May they serve the Goddess and myself well in all my working here tonight.

  • I pass each of the elemental representations over the altar. Saying :

By the solidity and strength of the Earth, I banish negativity from these tools. By the power of the planes within the Air I cast all negativity to the winds. By the vibrancy and strength of Fire I cast the protection of the Moon over these items. With the soothing peace of water Brigid's blessing is given unto these, my sacred tools.

  • I knock on the altar once to seal the cleansing saying So mote it be!
  • Circle casting: Walking the circle three times (deosil) I visualize a protective bubble rising from the earth to encompass the space saying:

"This circle round and round, By my might and will is bound. Only those invited in may cross. That strength and power will not be lost. (end of 1 time around) From the earth the power of manifestation, from air the power and strength of spirit, from Fire the pulse of transformation, from water enevitability. This circle comprises the Elementals, all that I am and see. (end of round 2) By the power of the Ancients, the love of my Goddess, the strength of the Moon's power shining down. As above so below, as within so without. With my will and mind and soul combind in one voice, in one cohesive unit, This circle is sealed, so mote it be!" (end of round 3, back at my altar.)

  • Elementals: Starting in the North and again working Deosil, I light the tealights at the quarters. Once a candle is lit, I stand with my arms crossed over my chest as I begin to speak, slowly moving in to the Goddess position. My eyes are closed, and I visualize a hole opening in my bubble that allows the guardian entry - to me it looks like a physical representation - like a pillar of flame, or a cascade of water,etc. I say:

"I call to the Guardians of the North. Element of Earth. I am honored to welcome you into my circle for this Moon celebration. I ask you to lend me your power and protection for all my workings this eve." I repeat for the other directions/elements (East/Air; South/Fire; West/Water)

  • Evocation:
  • (a) Brigid: Standing dead center in my circle I close my eyes to again feel the connection to Brigid (my patron). And I raise my arms and invite her to my circle, asking for her continued blessings that I might be her representative on this plane. As I speak I light the illuminator candle I have set to glow on her representation.
  • (b) Female Energy of the Moon: Opening my eyes I gase upon the face of the moon, feeling its love bathing my skin. I light my moon candle as I say: "Blessed Be Lady Moon, mother of us all. I am overjoyed to have your presence so strongly in my circle this eve. I call you to join with me in the joyous enchantments I will work this night. I stand here bathed in the light of your love and support, to honor my Path, to honr my ancestors and all my Sisters that have come before me. I'm seeking to invoke your creativity this eve, that I shall succeed in my workings. May my voice carry on the winds as I bless your bounty, beauty, and goodness. Bless me in return with the bounty of yoru silvery light. Hold me forever in the protective embrace of your endless love. So Mote It Be!"
  • (c) Male Energy of the Moon: I light my God candle (orange, red, gold or yellow) as I say: "Lord of Night, join me in my sacred space this eve. The hunt is on for this year. Break away from your duties to join me and your lady in these Holy Rites. Honor with me, your lady riding across the stary sky in all her glory. So mote it be" -note I of course also envision a door in my circle to allow the deity energy entry.
  • Draw Down The Moon: This is essentially an invocation of the power of the moon. I generally use it to imbue amulets or protection charms (as the moon's energy is strongly protective). I have a draw down written in my parenting blog.
  • Depending on the Month and energy of the Moon I will perform workings - amulets, divination, or just meditating to help focus my mind or expand my senses.
  • Now that I have utilized a chunk of the Goddesses and Moon's energies to strengthen my Magick, I must honor that sacrifice and replenish their energy and my own with communion.
  • (a) Cup: Holding my hands over the cup I visualize the cup radiating and filling with power. I dip the forefinger of my power hand (or you can use your athame) into the cup visualizing the combination of male and female enrgy. Saying something like, "The Goddess blessed all the world in the making of this (drink). Her energy ripened the fruit that was sacrifieced for her here this night. May the cup fill me with her blessing, and replenish that which she blessed me with." Drinking all but a bit. Visualizing the energy soaking into my body. I pour the remainder on the ground to replace the Gods energy.
  • (b) I repeat with the cake. Holding my hands over it enrgy soaking into the cake. Saying just about the same as above. Eating just about all of it while the energy permiates my body. Then leaving the rest for the Gods.
  • Thanks & Close: I then thank and release the deities and quarters. Then walk the circle in reverse one time saying, "This circle is open, but never broken" visualizing the excess energy soaking into me or my athame.

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