Monday, June 18, 2007

The Seeker Ceremony

This is great for any High Holy Day...A seeker ceremony is for someone who is interested in learning more about Paganism. Essentially you are dedicating a part of yourself to your path. Since you are a beginer you may not yet know the specifics of what you believe - ie. exactly which Pantheon you follow, psychic strengths, Traditions - like Celtic, Druid, etc. So this ceremony is not choosing these things, it is a dedication that you will try to find the answers to these questions.

WHEN TO PERFORM? Whenever you feel ready. You can do it on one of the Sabbats - the High Holy Days, or another day that has importance for you. Intent is what matters most - you must WANT to learn and dedicate yourself to being open to new ideas.

SUPPLIES: Incense, a token (most lie a charm or piece of jewlery then can wear), an altar (table or big rock), 4 White candles for the quarters, a compas to locate the quarters. 4 White illuminator candles, 1 Red (or white) Needfire candle (the one you'll use to light other candles), Small bowl of Holy Water**(see below for recepie), small bowl of salt, a tea candle, a cauldron (or fire-proof bowl), a small snack - generally cake or bread and a drink generally wine or grape juice, a picture or statue as your representation of Spirit / God/dess, an Athame - or any knife not previously used for cutting, Your notebook (Book of Shadows) - although I usually write my notes on notecards for rituals.


1) Blessing & Consecrating your tools: Place all supplies and tools on your altar. Pass a representation of the elements over each tool and supply asking the elemtal guardians to bless and protect these items. Pass the Incense over items and say: "Guardians of the East, element of Air, bless and protect these tools that I might serve the Lord and Lady for the good." {Remember the needfire candle can represent the south - fire, Holy water can represent the West - water, Salt can represent the Noth - Earth}. Hold you hands over the altar saying: "I bless and consecrate these items for my seeker ceremony. May no evil or negativity abide in thee. May the blessings of the Lord & Lady (or Spirit) descend upon this altar and these tools. So mote it be."

2) Set up your ritual site: Place a candle at each of the quarters - using your compass to find the exact location. *If doing your ritual outside walk the area first asking the fairies for permission to use their space and to protect you during this special ceremony. Stand before your altar and take a few deep breathes. Ground - feel yourself rootend to the earth, and center - find that calm spot deep within you, where the power flows.

3) Casting the Circle & Calling the Quarters: (see previous posts on 4/19/07)

4) Calling Deity: Move to the center of your circle facing your altar, stand in the God position (Arms crossed over chest, looking down toward the ground). Close your eyes and feel the connection to God in your body - strong pulsing with power, a reverbaration deep within your being. Slowly shift to the Goddess position (Arms open wide toward the sky - like a Y - looking up at the sky). Taking deep breathes feel your connection to the Goddess - a warmth and sensual pulse of comfort, like you're getting a hug from within. Say: "Holy Mother, Divine Lord, I welcome you into this circle for my seeker ritual. Come to me and bless me and bless me with thy divine presence. Gift me, please, with your special powers. I have come to this day (eve) to proclaim my interest in the knowledge and spirituality in the Craft of the Wise." Feel for the stronger pulse of the deity's presence within yourself.

5) Your pledge: Kneel in fron of yor altar and say the following or write your own pledge. "I, (state your full name), do solemnly swear by my Mother's lineage and by all that I hold sacred and holy, that I will honor and respect Spirit and the brothers and sisters in the Craft of the Wise. I will strive to serve Spirit in every fascet of my life. I dedicate myself to absorbing the vast knowledge available withing the Craft. I further swear to not use my knowledge to purposefully cause harm, nor will I require payment of money, goods or services when I pray for people or work magick for them beyond a fair exchange of energy. In one year I will assess my knowledge and understanding in the craft. At that time I may decide to dedicate myself to the Lord and Lady to further my growth, or I may walk away to follow another spiritual path. I will do my best to work in harmony with all around me. I will respect other religions as I respect my own. Spirit has now witnessed my oath. On this day, (name the day), I claim my power! So mote it be!!" *Take a moment to enjoy the peace in your soul after finishing this speach.

6) Protection Token: Stand and light the tea candle in your causdron. Take your token - be it coin or jewlery or pretty rock. Hold the item over the cauldron saying: "Lord & Lady, please bless this token of my faith. May it provide protection as I walk the Path of the Wise." Take the token to each quarter and ask the Guardians to bless and energize the token. *You can use "Guardians of the East, element of Air, bless and protect these token that I might safely and proudly walk the Path of the Wise." Take the token back to the altar, hold it over the cauldron again saying, "This object represents my testament to this day and my vow. I will wear it in honor of the Lord and Lady. So mote it be." As you put the poken on or in a pocket (you want it close to your skin) say: "At this moment I am reborn in body, mind, and spirit. So mote it be!"

7) Communion: Hold your hads over the drink and say: "From the moon to the land, from the land to the vine, from the vine to the berry, from the berry to the juice. I consecrate this drink in the name of the Lord and Lady. May their blessings shower upon me through eternity. So mote it be." Drink most of the drink - saving some to donate outside after, pour it on the ground saying "To the Gods". Hold your hands over the bread, say: "From the sun to the land, from the land to the stalk, from the stalk to the grain, from the grain to the bread, I consecrate this food in the name of the Lord and Lady. May their blessings shower upon me through eternity. So mote it be." Eat most of the food - saving some to donate outside after, place it on the ground saying "To the Gods".

8) Meditation. Sit on the ground in front of your altar, practicing some meditation techniques.

9) Thanking Deity. Stand in front of your altar open arms overhead in the Goddess position, say: "Great Mother, Divine Father, I thank you for attending my seeker ceremony. Guard and guide me until I decide to become a part of a community of the Craft of the Wise, or choose to seek another path. Help me to do the divine work givin to me, and help me in all of my choices. So mote it be."
10) Close the Quarters and Circle. (see posts from 4/19) After closing the circle say: "This circle is open, but never broken. Merry meet, and merry part until we merry meet again. For we are the people, the power and the change. So mote it be!"

Derived from Solitary Witch, by Silver Ravenwolf

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