Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Celtic Goddess of the Day


(Irish, Scottish) Also spelled Aoife. Aife was a Goddess and queen of the Isle of Shadow, an honor she shared with her rival and sister Scathach. Scathach operated a school on the Isle where she trained fighters, including the nearly invincible Red Branch warriors. Aife also ran a school for warriors, but was much less successful than her sister.Aife was not vulnerable to magick, and commanded a legion of fierce horsewomen. She had a son by Cuchulain whom she kept from Cuchulain until the boy was of age to join the Red Branch.Other sources place her as a consort of the sea God Manannan or one of his sons, and say she stole an Alphabet of Knowledge from the deities to give to humankind. For this transgression, and her general meanness, she was transformed into a crane by the elder deities. Some legends say she haunts the countryside in this form to this day, others that she was accidentally killed by hunters. Call on Aife for protection, for general knowledge, or for aid in teaching.

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