Sunday, May 20, 2007

General Sabbat Ritual

The start of any ritual will usually be the same - Casting the circle, calling the quarters and invoking Deity or Spirit. On High Holy Days I usually adjust my invocations to say what I am celebrating so here are my invocations and casts for my sabbats:

1) Casting the Circle:
~Tap the altar once~
The wheel of the year will ever turn,

the seasons will ebb and flow,
~Hold hands over the altar~
From an Autumn night to Spring s rain fall,
~Begin walking the circle in a Doesil fashion, starting in the East~
Marching ever from birth to death,
legends, myth and lore connect.
~Back at the East, move back to the altar, hold the red candle up to the heavens~
Purify the Great Wheel turning
~Replace the candle on altar and start second circle (at the East obviously)~
Winds of the East come to my call,
Bringing life and feeling to all.
~At each direction close your eyes for a heartbeat and visualize the energy of the Element entering you and your circle~
Fires of the South burning free
Bringing strength, power and passion unto me.
West flows free in Waters song
Bringing change and peace to all.
North brings me Earth so strong and true,
Grounding me so my energy may connect to all.
~Back to the East to begin third round~
This circle rises grounded in me
The seasons change displaying rebirth
From seed to plough
From harvest to feast,
The cycle continures for all to meet.
~Back to the altar, holding hands above it~
This Sabbat circle - thrice around,
~Visualize the bubble of your circle hardening~
I seal thee now from sky to ground!
~Stomp the ground ont timewith your foot to seal the magick~

2) Calling the Quarters:

Lighting each of the quarter candles, again starting in the East. Sart speaking in the God position (arms crossed over chest looking toward the ground) and slowly move into the Goddess position (arms raised and gaze to the heavens).

Guardians of the (direction) here my call. Element of (element) I desire you attendance this (name Sabbat) night. That I may learn from your strength, that your energy and minse shall unite to celebrate this Sacred day. Be welcome within my circle, acknowledge the power of this rite, imbue all within with your majesty!
~as you say it visualize an opening in your circle - a door for the element to pass through~

3) Invoking Deity:

Invoke Spirit, Lord & Lady or deity of your choice as you see apropriate for the High Holy Day. Not any different really than any other ritual invocation my general Sabbat invocation is the following - just fill in the blanks with your deity, Spirit or Lord & Lady and their characteristics. I suggest having a representation of them - even just a drawing- on your altar to help you better connect. Don't forget to visualize a doorway in your circle for them to enter as well.

"I call to thee, (name ). I call you (name) to enter my circle on this great night. Be one with me, fill me with your knowledge and power that I might perform this rite in your honor (I will sometimes add specific characteristics of the deity I am in need of to perform the rite) . Come unto me (name) this (Sabbat name) night, commune with my spirit, that I may fulfill my destiny and work this magick in your honor. Thrice called thrice honored. So mote it be!"

4) I like to read aloud my understanding of the Holy Day and recite my intent - what I hope to accomplish with my ritual. You can also welcome ancetsors into your circle for the ritual as well.

5) Draw Down the Moon (if peforming the ritual at night - this is a great way to raise power)

6) Work any magicks, depending on the Sabbat.

7) Meditate to solidify and raise more power within you.

8) Divination, Astral Travel, Rite to develop psychic power, do something with all this internal power.

8) Communion: This is to thank the deity and elements for sharing their power with your and to give some back in return.

9) Thank deity or spirit or Lord & Lady.
"Thank you (name) for participating in this (Sabbat Name) celebration with me. The knowledge learned will be put to good use. Peace be unto you, safety on all our journies. Thank you for this special ritual. "

10) Release the Elements:
"Guardians of (diretion), element of (element). Thank you for your support and strength during this ritual. It was all the more powerful and special for you participation. Go if you like, stay if you will. This ritual is complete. So mote it be."

11) Open the Circle:
Opening the circle is done with a once around in the widdershins direction (counter-clockwise) Direct your athame, wand or power finger toward the center of your circle to absorb the residual power from the ritual.
"As above, so below. This circle is open but never broken. So mote it be!"

12) Leaving the communion outside in a libation dish or spread on the ground - when you leave it out say "To the Gods" and visualize the nourishment reaching them.

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