Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Celebrating the merry month of May, when spring is in its full glory, is widespread. May takes its name from Maia Majestas, the goddess of Spring. The erection of the sacred tree or maypole echoed throughout ancient tree worships. On May's Eve, young couples would leap between the Bal Fires before spending the night in the woods, to ensure fertility. The blooming of the hawthorn marked the transition from winter to summer, and May 1st was the ONLY day when hawthorn could be taken in to the home, in honor of the spring goddess, this sacred tree should only be cut for such important events.
SUPPLIES: A few sprigs of hawthorn, a little milk, a white candle, Juniper & Frankincense oils & an oil burner.
METHOD: On May 1st, find a hawthorn tree and take a few sprays (Thank the tree for its assistance on this special day) Pour a little milk at the base of the tree to thank the spirits. Sit with the tree for as long as you can, holding the sprays in your hands, and become one with the life surrounding you. Once home, light the candle and burn the oils, sprinkling a few hawthorn leaves on them. Carry the burner through your home &/or around the outside; concentrate on bringing down he energy from the sun and returning it again in the never-ending Circle of Life. Hang the hawthorn spray over your door, invoking love and good feelings to remain with you.

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