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Divination : Oghams

Oghams are one of the most popular form of divination as well for people who follow the Druidic Path. The Tree Ogham is probably the most well known type of Ogham but in reality there are something like 150 different types of Oghams. On the Tree Ogham - There is a symbol for each of the wood types that is carved or burned into a small round disc of said wood (see ).

Reading Oghams'
Speading a white cloth on the ground or table, hold the bag containing the discs up to the gods and ask the gods' blessing and guidance on divination. Shake the bag while praying - this allows the "proper Oghams" to come to the top. Grab the first 3 disks - unless something directs you to dig deeper - With te 3 Oghams drawn lay them on the white divination cloth from left to right/ The Left (answer from the Ancestors) , Middle (answer from Nature Spirits), Right (answer from the Shining Ones) - OR - The answers con be time related as in Past, Present, Future, depending on the questions asked. Here is the lost of all the Ohams (without symbols find those at the above web site).

The meaning of the woods in Druidry is the same as found in the Tree Oghams Attributes which is why I list them here:

Standard Name =Beith ("BEH")
a.k.a. = Beth, Beithe, Beith
Letter = B
Means = New Beginings, Changes, prurification, sometimes challenges or personal changes in life; renewal and rebirth; may be discomforts involved - it is a favorable sign in most matters

Standard = Luis ("LWEESH"); Herb
a.k.a. = n/a
Letter = L
Means = Protection & Control of Senses, Controling your life, protection from the controling forces of others; clarity & attention to details; concentration on task at hand; purification; choice between 2 paths

Standard =Fern
a.k.a. = Phagos ("FAH-gos"); Beech; Iphin ("IFF-in"); vineyard
Letter = F
Means = Guidance, Assoc w/ Bran, Helping in making choices, spiritual guidance and protection; knowledge & lore; learning; study; education; the wisdom of the past as a guide to the future & present

Standard =Fearn ("FAIR-n")
a.k.a. = n/a
Letter = V
Means = Protection & guidance; bridge over deep waters; steadfastness; good advice received from others or your own inner depths; spiritual guidance and insite; the presence of the gods; an unexpected way past a difficulty

Standard =Saille ("SAHL-yuh")
a.k.a. = Sail
Letter = S
Means = Mysteries & Water related subjects; Feminine attributes; gaining balance in your life; moving with the flow of events; intuition; dreaming; the unconscious; faith in personal vision. NOTE - since willow is associated with weeping sometimes balance comes through painful experiences

Standard =Nuin ("NOO-in")
a.k.a. = Nin; Nion; Letter
Letter = N
Means = Ancients Knowledgs; the weavers beam; locked into a chain of events; feeling bound; connection & transformation; relationship to a larger contect; events may be more importantthan they appear

Standard =Huath ("OO-ah")
a.k.a. = Uath
Letter = H
Means = Counseling; protection & cleansing; being held back for a period of time; patience; reserve; retreat; a time of waiting planning; success after a delay; temporary obstacles

Standard =Duir ("DOO-er")
a.k.a. = Dair
Letter = D
Means= Wisdom; Strength; security; success; forward movement; attainment; power & energy; a door opens to the outer world

Standard =Tinne ("CHIN-yuh")
a.k.a. = n/a
Letter = T
Means = Justice & Balance; Energy; guidance for problems to come; conflict; challenge; struggle against opposing forces; victory against odds; change in fortune; descisive action is favored.

Standard =Coll ("CULL")
a.k.a. = n/a
Letter = C
Means = Wisdom & intuition; creative energies for work or projects; knowledge; intelligence; transformation & flexibility; communication and teaching;new information

Standard =Quert ("KWEIRT")
a.k.a. = Queirt; Cert
Letter = Q
Means = Otherworld; a choice must be made; healing; happiness; recovery; awakenings * new experiences; an unexpected gift; rewards of success

Standard =Muin ("MUHN")
a.k.a. = n/a
Letter = M
Means = New Beginings; inner development occuring; take time for relaxation; inspiration; prophecy; unexpected truths; ; freedom from limits & restrictions

Standard =Gort
a.k.a. = n/a
Letter = G
Means = New Beginings; Take time to soul search or you'll make wrong descisions; purpose; determination; self-control; slow and indirect progress; movement in round-about paths

Standard =nGetal ("NYEH-tal"), wound
a.k.a. = nGeadal, nGetal
Letter = NG
Means = New Beginings; upsets, surprises; swiftness; sudden movement; instability; healing; change for the better; a message or an opportunity; not yet finished w/ your work

Standard =Straif, sulpher
a.k.a. = Straiph
Letter = SS, Z, ST (depending on the practitioner)
Means = Trouble & negativity; necessity & inevitability; hard realities in life; something that cannot be changed; results of one's own actions; a difficult path must be taken; the influences of Fate

Standard =Ruis ("RWEESH")
a.k.a. = Reddening
Letter = R
Means = Enterence to the Otherworld; the Fae Folk; Healing; resolution; completion; transition from one state of being; difficulties permanently overcome; an omen of success in most things

Silver Fir:
Standard =Ailm ("AHL-m")
a.k.a. = Ailim; Elm
Letter = A
Means = Far seeing, knowledge of the future; Insight; transformation; expanded awareness; change for the better; peak experiences; dreams and visions

Standard =Onn ("UHN")
a.k.a. = n/a
Letter = O
Means = Collecting/Drawing things to you; combilation of forces; energy; life; vigor; sexuality; attraction; oportunities - though not without potential problems

Standard = Ur ("OOR")
a.k.a. = Ura; Earth
Letter = U
Means = Healing, homelands; spiritual power; the forces of nature; the coming of a new life; a door opens to the inner world; passion; power; magick; creation

Standard = Eadhadh ("EV-uth")
a.k.a. = Eadha ("EH-yuh"); Edad
Letter = E
Means: Struggle in which victory is possible but not certain; a quest for inner strength
Standard =Iodhadh
a.k.a. = Idho; Iodho ("EE-yuh"); Idad
Letter = I, Y
Means = Death & rebirth; enduring realities; that which remains unchanged; old age; legacies from the past; the consecuences of present actions

White Popular
Standard =Koad ("KO-ud")
a.k.a. = Eadhadh ("EV-uth") ; Ebad; Grove; Elecampane
Letter = EA, CH, K
Means = Buoyancy & floating above problems; complexity; the presence of many factors

Standard =Oir ("OR")
a.k.a. = Or
Letter = OI, TH
Means = Community; working within the home; radical transformation; sudden change; illumination or destruction (like a lightening bolt);set in motion by outside forces

Standard =Uilleandh
a.k.a. = Uileand; Uilen
Letter = UI, IO, PH
Means = Kindreds - especially of nature; speaking & associating with animals; works well with herbs

Standard =Uilleand ("ULL-enth")
a.k.a. = Iphin; Ifin
Letter = IO, IA, P, PE
Means = Drawing things together, binding; secrets & revelations; the influence of the subtle and seemingly insignificant; small causes with large effects; insight into the nature of the situation

Standard =Mor ("MOHR")
a.k.a. = Phagos, Emhancholl, Emancoll ("EM-un-coll"); coll crossed
Letter = AE, X, XI
Means = Magick & Hidden Knowledge; Unexpected change; the arravial of new influences; the effectss of destiny

Norway Maple
Standard =Mailp
a.k.a. = n/a
Letter = n/a
Assoc = Modifier of the Land

Rush (reed)
Standard =Brobh
a.k.a. = n/a
Letter = n/a
Assoc = Modifier of the Sea

Bird Cherry
Standard =Craobh Fhiodhag
a.k.a. = n/a
Letter = n/a
Assoc = Modifier of the Sky

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