Thursday, May 3, 2007

Creating A Spell

Creating a spell is a simple affair - since the power is within you. But here are some cautions and tips:
*Use magick as a last resort for mundane things. Getting your wishes will not always happen in the way you think - for instance, wishing for money may mean your beloved grandmother dies and leaves you an inharitence. So always try to solve problems with changes in your life - then use magick.
*You must TOTALLY believe the spell will work. You have to keep your energy full force to enact change of any kind. If you doubt the results they will fail.
*Remember when writing a Spell, the speaking or writing portion - essentially the spell itself- is just the manifestation or focus of your power. The power is already there and can be used for anything - writing or saying a spell just helps to direct the energy in the direction you wish for it to go. That is why total concentration and belief are so important.
*Does a spell need to rhyme? No, not necessarily. Rhyming flows through the mind and out of the mouth - you don't have to think hard on the words if they rhyme which allows you to focus on the intent rather than the words - since the words don't matter as much as the intent and belief, don't stress. Be percise and you'll do fine. Here's a Sample of some simple spells.

To Change The Current Course of Your Life

On a white piece of paper (un-lined) Fill it with collored scribbles. Just let your mind go and fill the page. This signifies the chaos in your current life. Draw a heavy Black X across the whole sheet saying:

"I want no more of my old life no dissension, stress or strife.Grant a new realityKeeping safe my FamilyAs I will, so mote it be!"

Burn Paper entirely, scatter ashes in the wind envisioning the Gods receiving your wishes.

Increase Confidence Spell:

On a piece of paper write in bold, clear letters:
Confidence, come unto menervousness, now quickly flee
Bring me strength and bring me ease
As I will, so mote it be!

Place Hermite, turquoise and quartz on the paper; then wrap the paper sequrelyaround the stones then tape shut. Place in pruse or pocket.

Change Perspective:

On a waxing moon, gather a yellow candle, vanilla oil and 1 tsp of Thyme. Anoint the candle w/ the oil then roll it in the Thyme. Light candle. Anoint your temples withthe oil saying:

"Ancients come from near & far
Hear my call from where e're you are
Propose, inspir, enchant, enthuse
Until I am at last infused
With new ideas and clear directive
Fill me with a fresh perspective
As I will, so mote it be!"

Let candle burn out completely.

Increase Cash Flow:

On a Waxing or Full moon, hold adventureine in your dominant hand and concentrate on money flowing to you. Enchant the stone saying:

"Money come, money growInto my wallet gush and flow
And fill it to the very top
Then keep on coming, never stop"

Place the stone in a pocket or purse and carry it constantly

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